Lubricating Pedal Surface - Look

Hi, Im wondering if this is a good idea and if anyone has any opinions. I ride Look grey cleats but suffer from constant squeaking and creaking noises. Have researched and tried different things to resolve but nothing is really a permanent fix.
A temporary fix seemed to be a light spray of wd40 on the pedal surface before each ride but usually by the 2 hour mark the squeaking is back. I guess the wd40 has dried off.
I’ve recently just tried a dot of chain lube on the pedal surface rubbed in by finger so the coverage is pretty thin. Seems to work better and last longer.
I’ve just been paranoid this is a bad idea and puts the foot at risk of slipping out of the pedal. Still feels secure enough but am I worrying unnecessarily?

Something else that might work is paraffin wax or bar soap. Wax would probably last longer than soap and collect less dirt than any kind of oil.

I’ve used a fairly thick (Rock 'n Roll Red Devil) grease on the metal wear plates of my Look Keo’s for years with no issues. I add a dot and wipe 99.9% of it off with paper towel towel. I redo it maybe every 6 months but I don’t normally ride in wet weather.

I experienced this squeaking when I got new pedals/cleats a while back and I resolved it but scuffing up the cleat surfaces with sandpaper. Not sure how good of an idea that was but that squeaking noise was unbearable for me. I tried wd40 first and it was a temporary solution as you have experienced.

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I had a squeak in my Look pedals that drove me crazy. Lubricated everything, changed cleats and pedals and it wouldn’t go away. Turns out it was the tongue, upper, boa cable of one of my shoes rubbing on each other. Wiped some silicone spray on the uppers/tongue and it went away.

I’ve got some PTFE spray that I use on my speed play MTB pedals. After cleaning the pedals and cleats I just give each a quick squirt.