Pedal - Shoe noise

Finally replaced my aging 5-10 clipless shoes with a proper set of shimano XC3 XC shoes.
Took them out for the first ride yesterday and noticed they make a really annoying “chirping” noise when pedaling hard. As best as I can tell, the noise occurs from that slight fore and aft motion the cleats makes in the pedals. Any good ideas on how to stop this noise?

Shimano XC3 shoes with SPD cleats
Garmin XC 100 pedals

Interesting! I also have Shimano Spd shoes (rx8) and noisy xc100’s! would love a fix

Tl;dr version - for me, it was the shoe/pedal combination. Try changing one or the other.

I had this problem with the Favero XC hack and it was so bad that I bought the Garmin Rally and it eliminated the squeak. Later, after a quick chat with GPLama, I realized the issue was that the shoe and the pedal were touching and the squeak was the rub between the two. I had already tried 2 pairs of shoes with no relief, but after Shane’s comment, I bought a new (3rd) pair of shoes that I was positive did not touch, and the squeak on the Favero Hack pedals went away!

Another solution many recommend is spraying the pedals and the cleats with dry lube. This did not work for me, but it might for you.

That’s too expensive of a solution for me :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll give the dry lube a go!
Maybe I would have better luck with the “other” Shimano cleats. Currently using the ones with an easier release, for bailing in rock gardens!

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Squeaky SPD pedal/cleat noise is a perennial problem for many people. I also use SPDs via the Favero Assioma hack and Xpedo M-Force 4 pedal bodies, and often have squeaks. I bought some specific FinishLine pedal dry lube and worked for only a very short period. Classic Park green grease applied sparingly on the pedals are a much more long-lasting solution for me.

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Are you using the slim plastic piece that comes with the cleats? I’ve run it between the cleat and shoe bottom in the past and the eggbeater spindles would touch that instead of my shoe.

Its been a while so they might not have those any more.

I’m new to the SPD system(coming from SPD-SL) and would love to know more tips to this. I’ve been getting squeaks as well. I’ve been using SPD adaptors on my three bolt road shoes if that means anything.

No. I am not sure if my cleats came with that.
Haven’t had a chance to do another ride. But looking at the shoes, clipped into the pedal. I suspect the noise is not coming from metal to metal contact as I thought at first. But rather from the rubber sole rubbing at the metal body of the pedal. So maybe a spacer like you’re describing would solve it!

  • Thank you!
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Yep. The rubber sole rubbing the pod on the Favero was what was causing my issue.