So my Ultegra 6800 pedals broke today. Replace or change brand?

I think the previous owner over tightened the spring tension and now its stuck on the hardest setting (maybe gone further) Firstly, will it ruin my cleats if I continue to use them as they are stiff AF? I’ve been looking at the Look Keo Carbon blades. They look really smart and most importantly aero! Is it worth coming away for the norm (shimano) and getting another brand? I’m new into TT’s and I don’t know what good and what’s not. The speed plays are too expensive for me as I would have to buy 2 sets, aero and TT bike


I use the carbon Keo Blades. I buy them in the 20nm tension. I have used both the Chromoly and Ti spindles. I prefer the light Ti version. They aren’t counter-balanced so rarely are they in the proper clip in position and require a little footwork to flip them into the right position. Also, they do not hold up well to crashes (regretfully, I’ve been through a few sets). The outer wing of the platform grinds away easily and then the stainless platform pops off.

Example of after crash damage:

Are they much more aero than the Shimano? Dayum, then TI ain’t cheap either!! These look the part though, especially with that carbon back

I’ve got a normal pair of Look Keo Classic pedals that I’ve been using for about three years. They were my first clipless pedal and I’ve been really happy with them. I’m planning to upgrade them next year to either the Keo Max 2 or the Carbon Blades.

I’d say use what you’re most comfortable with. If you like the Shimano pedals and felt comfortable with them, stick with them.

I couldn’t tell you about how they compare in aerodynamic drag. I’d guess that your particular shoe choice in combination with the pedal is key to determining its actual CdA in your application.

The “carbon back” is actually the device (blade) used to create clip-in tension. They make the blade in three tensions: 12, 16, and 20 nm. There is no tension adjustment other than switching out blades.

If you look around, especially online auction sites, you are sure to find a deal. A quick search found these (I don’t know the seller; nor can I vouch for his items):

I have Keo 2 max and Blades, the Keos are always upside down due to the weight at the back of the pedal, the blades aren’t as bad I find.

In terms of aero the blades are better, I seem to recall only to the tune of 3 or 4 watts at best but even that could just be marketing hype.

As for moving from Shimano, the Look are a fair bit lighter, more comparable to Dura Ace weight at a fraction of the cost. The cleat engagement is so similar you probably won’t notice much difference there either, I don’t recall even thinking about it when I swapped.

I recently switched TO shimano FROM Look and wish I did it years ago. Look float is really sloppy and the cleats wear out much faster.

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I believe the new single sided speedplay zeros with the dimpled cleat and dimpled pedal cover are the more aero option out there