Baxter's big brother...Balcony

Did Baxter’s big brother today…well the -1 version…much easier than a steady state ride of the same length.


I did Black yesterday instead of Beech, and I liked it much more. It was more natural to work in and out of aero position during shorter intervals and felt like it went by faster. Will be using Black, Baxter, Colosseum, Balcony, et. Al. some in the future in place of the steady state rides. Steady state has a place in terms of improving focus, but man, they are boring and tedious.

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Did this today instead of an outdoor ride due to bad weather. First indoor ride over 2hrs and went quite quickly but actually found it fairly tough after a week of SSB2 MV.


I did the full version today for my weekly endurance ride…so much easier than long steady state stuff…passed the time by watching women’s UCI XC races from last year…


:heart_eyes: I didn’t know this existed!!! :heart_eyes:


I did it Sunday as well. Longest indoor trainer ride I’ve done, at 3 hours. I did turn it down 5% intensity to drop a couple of the spikes that hit tempo. Still had about 20-30 min of tempo.

I was surprised that it didn’t seem longer. Movie for the first two hours and music the last hour. Might even try a 3 1/2 or 4 hour ride at some point.

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