Bandeira.....6 hours 😱

So when I look this bad boy up I can’t see too many folk who have completed … in the first few pages of results anyway.

@Nate_Pearson do you know how many attempts vs completions there have been?

Anyone else done and want to describe what 6 hours on the turbo feels like?

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I’ve done a few trainer rides over 5 hours. One was 10 mins short of 6 hours. They are no small undertaking.

Make sure to stand as needed. I get up about every 5-10 mins. Keep up on hydration and fueling. Have some good entertainment lined up as well.

Be prepared to be WAY more tired than a similar time of riding outside. If you make it through without coasting, you will end up with a load more like 7+ hours worth of effort.

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Thanks @mcneese.chad
Have disaster in the diary for Dec worldwide which is helping me keep focused and stay on plan. Maybe look at this for some time in Jan or Feb.

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I’ve been guilty of this… it was my last long ride before Ironman South Africa last year, my wife was driving to visit some friends a good distance away and I reckoned I’d be finished before she got there. I just lost the bet :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


It was basically a long easy ride as I felt the real build up to the race had been done and was filling time! Plenty of water bottles, a couple of flapjacks and a couple of gels, job done. A bit of TV, music and podcasts filled the time.

In fairness it was much easier than some of the sessions I had done in previous weeks. I created a series of progressively harder rides based on Mount Bond. This was my long ride the week before Bandeira


This, at 0.76 IF, was a much harder ride than Bandeira though not as long. I’m able to watch TV for the first couple of hours before moving on to AH.FM for the remainder. Nothing like a bit of loud trance music to get through a session.

That day I did what Joe Friel termed big day training to validate my IM pacing and strategy. 38x100m in the pool off 10 seconds rest at 7am, home for a light breakfast, the ride above followed by a recovery drink and an hour after that I ran a steady half marathon at projected IM run pace in 1:37. A good days training that was :grinning:

A good number of people have though, possibly understandably, I’m utterly mad by riding long on the trainer but they really are effective sessions if you can stand them and I’ve seen some progressively good results, both in Ironman and long distance TT’s off the back of them.

Keys as @mcneese.chad said are good entertainment of various sorts, good planning around nutrition and hydration, the mindset that they are hard but have good rewards and a good quality chamois cream :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That was definitely a decent day’s training! :ok_hand:

Looking forward to worldwide disaster in decemeber though having only done 2 hr max so far on trainer, I can only imagine what plus 4 hours looks like.

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I genuinely believe that a lot of it is around the mindset. If you see value in the longer rides and they fit with your training objectives then any of them are doable if not entirely enjoyable at times.

If you can meet with triumph and Disaster and treat those two imposters just the same…:wink:

Have fun on Disaster day :+1:


This is on the docket for me on Monday. Right now I feel like I am looking forward to it. That might be crazy.

I plan on having a ton of gels and snacks. Likely make some coffee concentrate in my Aeropress beforehand an have some hot water in a thermos to add to it for a mid-ride coffee. My favorite thing about riding inside is being able to drink coffee during.

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