Basketball problems

hey guys this might be my unique problem but i figured it was worth a try.

For the past few years i’ve split my time between cycling (Apr-sept) and basketball (sept to apr) normally the transition is fine with me usually more fit than the other bballers at the beginning of the season.
This summer i spent 3 months in the mountains and now i have no basketball legs, i can’t handle the trips up and down the floor (whereas previously it was no problem)

any suggestions of what TR works i can do to get me back into shape? (i’ve lost my place in the starting five :frowning: )

(about me: 6’4" 78kg FTP: 292)

Sample size of 1.

I spent a few seasons as a junior playing state level ball and riding state/national level on the bike.

I seemed to be able to make it work. I should note however that I did both of these at the same time all year long, and did not alternate throughout the year as you are doing.

If I were to compare the workouts I was doing on the bike to what’s available in TR I’d say they were very much of the VO2 max variety - short hill repeats, scratch races and sprints on the track.

I feel like spending 3 months in the mountains, which sounds amazing by the way, would probably have you doing a lot of sustained power and endurance type workouts - so it makes some sense to me that you’ve lost your short high power burst.

So if you think experimenting with workouts containing short bursts might help perhaps look at Lafaytte -1 and Lafaytte +2. They contain lots of 15 second bursts and rate pretty high on the enjoyment factor AFAIC.

Good luck! I hope you get your legs back soon.

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I got nothing for ya. Suck at basketball just as much as I suck at riding. Thankfully I play with other old fat guys.

It’s been a decade since I last played ball. I have a hard time getting my body to do what my mind remembers doing back then.

Good luck to you!

thanks a lot for your input! i’ll have to try it out!