Base2-MiniBuild-Base3 vs Build1-Base2-Build2

I just completed a SS Base 1 block. Now that I have races scheduled, I went to the plan builder.

If I set the start date to now, it suggests doing another Base 1, then a short build, then base 2 and so on.

If I set the start date to when I started Base 1, it suggests a full build now followed by a 6 week base 2 then a second build.

Are there any opinions on which route to go? I feel able to do a build now. Doing a build now helps me prep for early road season racing. It would be noce to do mid colume build now then high volume base miles once ot warms up and i can get outside.

I’d follow the plan builder as it’s designed to give you as close to optimal performance for your races as is possible for the general public.

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The logical thing to do is to set the start date to when you started Base 1.

If you are looking for options, you could put in that you are less experienced, which might give you a more Base-heavy plan. But it sounds like you agree with what you have already.

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