Base building plus skiing

This happens to me every year.

So, I built out my entire plan using plan builder (Awesome tool, thanks TR!). This is week 1 and I’m ready to go, but I’m also a skier and the season has gotten off to a great start here in Nor Cal. I know I can manage the workouts and skiing, but I’m dreading that ramp test that I need to do.

I’m pretty sure my FBT is higher then I have it set at currently so I know I need to test, but at the same time my legs are trashed from a long day on the slopes yesterday. I could put it off, but I plan to ski tomorrow and several more times over the next couple weeks so tired legs are going to be the norm for me for a while. I’m guessing the best solution is to just suck it up and take the test and go with whatever I get.

Any other skiers out these struggle balancing base building and skiing at the same time?

I ski 4 times a week and am currently on the Sweet Spot Base High Volume Plan. I do my absolute best to take it easy with skiing close to the hardest workouts and focus really seriously on recovery.

If you’re unnecessarily sore hold off on a ramp test for a day or two but no reason to “taper” for a ramp test if you know your body will remain under a certain amount of extra stress for the remainder of the season.

It’s become the new norm for me - I don’t lift weights or anything so I think it’s a good off season activity to compliment the training.

Training has priority over skiing for me though so you’ll just have to find your own balance.

Subbing out a workout for a full day of free refills in glorious powder won’t set you back too much plus it’s great to occasionally take the mind away from the bike & training.

Enjoy both, the skiing is off to a good start this year!

Nice work. I couldn’t imagine keeping up with the HV plan along with skiing. LV is all I can manage with work/kids and other training. When it’s not ski season I typically lift weights 3x a week so I’m mostly substituting skiing for weights on the days I head up the mountain.

Ended up doing to Ramp test a couple hours ago. The gradual increase in power actually felt good on my sore legs, but as expected I definitely felt them the last couple minutes of the test. I ended up 5 watts higher then what I had estimated a few weeks ago so my guess was actually pretty good. Maybe I’d be a few watts higher had I rested, but like I said I’m skiing again tomorrow and 2-3 days next week so there isn’t going to be a great day for it anytime soon.

Man I’d say with LV and skiing you’re still doing great; hell yes to a 5 watt bump on tired legs!

Consistency is key - nailing a LV plan is still gonna have you ripping come spring/summer.

Have fun on the slopes!

I live in a ski town. snowboard or skin 5 or so days a week mostly park riding. Groomers/mountain when there is fresh snow. On the trainer four or five days a week as well as in the gym four days a week.
Do the trainer rides first if you can.

Same boat right now. SSBHV, skiing as much as I can too. Too much snow not to. I try and keep sessions to 2-2.5 hours. But I usually ski after morning sweet spot sessions. Not going to lie, it makes stairs a chore all week; but I’m getting the rides done for now. Skiing will be the first thing to go if I can’t finish rides. Unless we get another ridiculous dump like last weekend.

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I can’t imagine doing SSB HV and skiing regularly - those of you keeping up with both I am impressed. I ski 25-30 days a year and do SSB LV during the ski season. Granted most of my ski days are hard, full days, so doing a trainer workout on the same day is simply not productive.

This is my second winter going through SSB LV during ski season. It worked well for me last year, and all the extra skiing stress allows me to quickly ramp up the bike volume once the ski season ends.

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I’m glad someone finally made this post! I snowboard 3 - 5 days a week all season, I’m currently doing LV SSB. I’m interested to hear how people structure their week with the high volume plan? Do your workouts suffer? Does your skiing suffer? I would love to hear Jonathans take on this…

I do my trainer rides before going out to snowboard or skin. Been on skis/board for over 30 years, same with the ski town ilfe. I do my trainer rides before heading out. I also work a swing shift, so this is a bit easier for me to handle. I’d rather have tired legs for riding on the mountain than on the bike. I ride park, backcountry splitboard, and somehow manage to get enough sleep. Remarkable. :rofl: