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There are some brief mentions about this app in threads covering other topics but as far as can see no specific thread about all things Athlytic. I’d like to hear other users opinions before I decide if I should keep it after the 7 day trial.

I just got an Apple Watch Ultra which is my first Apple Watch and I intend to use the Athlytic app if I get it to work properly showing meaningful information. Besides using TrainerRoad I also do outdoor cycling, running, and occasionally strength training.

I have a question of how to record indoor cycling in order for the Athlytic app to understand what’s going on. Yesterday I did a 2x25 min sweetspot session using TrainerRoad and autoupload to Strava from where the data was imported to Apple Health. In the Athlytics app it only shows 27 mins in HR zone 3 and 2 mins in HR zone 4. No other data for HR training zones is presented. Meanwhile Strava says 16 mins zone 2, 36 mins zone 3 and 13 mins zone 4 which I assume is correct. I get the impression that the Athlytics app does not recognize the entire workout. Is this because of how I recorded the workout? For reference, the day before I did 85 min of easy running recorded directly from the training app and Athlytic rate that effort as much harder.

Do I need to also log the workout directly in the Athlytics app as indoor cycling in order to ensure that the imported data is accurate? I didn’t do that because I didn’t want to risk double register the workout.

I used in for about 6 months and I can tell you the developer is very responsive, so I’d recommend contacting him as well.

In the end, I went with the Training Today app. My main focus was HRV tracking / Readiness score.

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There is a whole other thread where we have been asking for TR workouts to import directly into Apple Health which would solve this problem … But that is a whole other issue.

I have been using Athlytic for just over a year now and have a system that works for me. Indoor I record every workout on my watch using the Athletic app so it gets the info and into Health. I do not import Strava workouts into Health in order to prevent doubling up. Personally I do not mind wearing my watch to record the workout as well indoor. Outdoor I record using my Wahoo Bolt and then export/import the .fit file into HealthFit which gets the workout into Health for Athylic to read and it pulls all data correctly.

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Athlytic user since January

TrainerRoad to Strava to Apple health works perfect for me (except for that one week where Strava decided to turn off the syncing to everyone’s dismay)

I also swim and run, and I use the Apple watches Workout features and it imports to Apple Heath flawlessly.

Ultimately what is important to the Athlytic app is what is in apple health, as long at that is mostly accurate then your Athlyitc data is pretty accurate.

I use a Karoo 2 for outside rides and getting those workouts into Apple Health has been a struggle! If I sync to Strava it doesn’t import all the data into Apple Health, it strips out all (most) the HR data. The work around for me is to use the Healthfit app or Runfit app, but I have to upload the original fit file manually and then let one of those apps import into Apple Health. It works but its painful (manual step heavy). Also… this happened a couple times this summer, I forgot my heartrate strap, or the battery in the strap died, in that case I am then dual recording on my watch to get the Athlytic credit. This then also requires me to remember that I am dual recording (which I pretty much forgot every time), and then having to deal with the duplicate data. UGGh struggle bus!!!

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Is this a Karoo thing? Through Wahoo it is a 5 second 1 step thing to share the fit file, well 2 steps if going into the ride activity counts as one… It is done by using the iOS share sheet to share the fit file into HealthFit when viewing my ride info. Which then of course is autofeed into Health where Athlytic finds the data.

Yeah, I believe but could be corrected, that the deal breaker is that HammerHead doesn’t have an app. I have to grab the fit file from Strava or the HammerHead dashboard on PC.

I grab the fit file and save it into a iOS cloud folder and then switch to my phone and upload the fit file in the Healthfit app.

To autofeed they would need to have a phone app and have it sync to Health.

Doh, didn’t realize that. I can see how that would be a huge pita then.

Thanks for all the responses. Found the thread about TR import directly to Apple Health. A bit unfortunate that there seem to be no fully automatic way to use Athlytic as TR user. I will see if I find a way workflow without too much hassle.