Athlete Interviews: Sofia Gomez Villafane – Stan’s Pivot Pro Team

During our time at Sea Otter, @Jonathan sat down with each member of the Stans-Pivot Pro Team p/b Maxxis to discuss their pre-race routines and ask some of the questions you submitted for them.

Sofía Gomez Villafañe is the current XCO and STXC National Champion of Argentina and a rising star in the sport of Cross-Country mountain biking. She’s a relative newcomer to the sport and still maintains a part-time job while training and racing full-time for the Stans-Pivot Pro Team p/b Maxxis.

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • Sofia’s ideal dinner for the night before a race
  • How to deal with different sleep environments
  • Morning routines on race day
  • Do pancakes make you faster?
  • Ride or Drive to the venue?
  • Sofia’s warmup routine
  • Should you warmup on the trainer or on the road?
  • When to pre-ride the course
  • How Sofia gets “in the zone”
  • How Cardi B makes Sofia Faster
  • Sofia’s Sea Otter race recap
  • Where is Sofia’s favorite place to ride?
  • What Sofia indulges in when she experiences success
  • What Sofia has worked on the most recently in her racing
  • How to balance racing, work, and school
  • What Sofia wishes she did more of when she began racing

Stay tuned for the next two interviews coming out tomorrow and Saturday, and if you have any questions for Sofia regarding her approach to training, racing, equipment, nutrition, etc., reply below!


Very good interview Thank you.

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Does everone have 15mins of silence at the end?

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yep. was on yesterday’s interview too.

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Do you remember how CDs in the 90’s had “bonus” tracks sometimes? You had to listen to 10 minutes of silence after the last song to get to it.

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yes i do, but is there anything at the end of these or not?

Nothing at the end that I found. Keegan’s has something like 12-13 minutes as well.

Maybe it was planned this way as a sleep hack… :slight_smile: