Athlete Interviews: Chloe Woodruff – Stan’s Pivot Pro Team

During our time at Sea Otter, I sat down with each member of the Stans-Pivot Pro Team p/b Maxxis to discuss their pre-race routines and ask some of the questions you submitted for them.

First up is team owner and bonafide MTB legend, Chloe Woodruff! Chloe is an Olympian, multi-time National Champion and bonafide legend in the cross-country mountain biking space. As the owner and manager of the Stans-Pivot Pro Team, she has a unique perspective and set of responsibilities that provide a ton of learning opportunities for us.

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • Chloe’s pre-race dinner of choice
  • How to get better sleep the night before a race
  • Chloe’s morning routine
  • Best pre-race breakfast
  • Pre-Race warmup routines
  • Pre-riding tips
  • Why you should practice your starts
  • Mental tips to “get in the zone”
  • How Chloe balanced training and studying at university
  • Chloe’s favorite places to ride
  • Chloe’s favorite post-win indulgence
  • The one thing Chloe wishes she did more of in her early years as a pro

Stay tuned for the other three interviews over the next three days, and if you have any questions for Chloe regarding her approach to training, racing, equipment, nutrition, etc., reply below!


A couple of questions based on Chloe’s comments about what she would have done more of earlier (strength and skills):

  1. [Strength/Mobility] How much time does Chloes spend in the gym during each of her training phases?

  2. [Skills] What cadence drills does Chloe do? What additional bike skills drills does she do to improve efficiency/economy?

I’d never heard of oatmeal with an egg before this interview, and I eat some form of oatmeal for breakfast just about every day. Tried it for breakfast this morning. Yep, that’s going in the regular routine.


Very intrigued about the oatmeal and egg!

@Jonathan FYI, not sure if this is just me but both podcasts had a long dead period at the end. Chloe was about 5 minutes but Sophia’s was over 15.

Great podcasts!! Excited to see how the team does in 2019.

Hi @bobmac!
Quick answers to your questions.

  1. This year I tried to get into the gym three times per week November-January. One of the days was on the lighter side. That’s more than I’ve done before but I have some strength imbalances to address. Now it’s two days per week, or once every 10 days when I’m traveling and racing. I feel the benefits are significant.
  2. I do some high cadence intervals early in my base phase, but I naturally pedal with a very high cadence so getting in high torque/force work is more the work I need. Luckily I get that in on the mountain bike, which I can ride year round here in Arizona. The skills work I find most beneficial are simply the basics of bike handling (cornering, braking, pumping, jumping, etc).
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@kurt.braeckel - Yes! It makes for a very creamy, delicious bowl of oats. I think it’s best with steel-cut oats, but I’ll crack an egg into either.

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@Jonathan Did you post each riders warmup routine somewhere on the forum?