AT upgrading workouts despite failure

Hey, I’m having a support team member look into this for you so we can unpack that workout and its outcome more effectively. Please be on the lookout for an email from them, and I’ll post an update here as well once it’s resolved!

Hey! I wanted to follow up now that support has been in touch. It looks like your most recent rides have been on-target for power, and your Strava images are visible as expected!
Glad the team was able to help, let us know how it’s been going or if we can assist you further.

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Yes thanks, it seemed to be a one-off thing. A lot of the suggestions were things I was already doing but will be able to refer back to them if it turns in to something that happens again.

Also as far as the struggle survey goes, I haven’t gotten one in a while but seemed to get them fairly often when I first started, not sure what has changed since have always used ERG mode but maybe getting better with it or rating the workouts as the system expects me to.