AT v2 Private Beta


following @Nate_Pearson legacy pricing update, there was mention of adaptive training v2 going into private beta in a week or 3…

Is this something we can apply to be part of?

Very excited in potentially seeing how PL change could be attributed for outside, non-compliant or unstructured rides


We have a select list of athletes at the moment. But as they test it, we’ll keep expanding it as the product manager overseeing the project sees fit.


If you need anyone with smo2 sensors to give extra data to help validate I have 3 Moxy units :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(I could just say I’m looking forward to trying it, but what’s the fun of that?)

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Thanks @Nate_Pearson looking forward to developments

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REALLY looking forward to this.

As an athlete that at times uses a lot of the TR workouts, but also at times uses a lot of outside or self structured workouts and races but still loves to see the progress here on TrainerRoad, this is something I’m EAGERLY waiting for, as my progression levels are often tainted by my lack of TR workouts, and then I have to sort of pick and choose where I think I am! :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is all assuming that AT V2 will actually calculate progression levels for unstructured rides?

Are we just hoping/speculating here? Or has it been suggested/floated?

I also recall @Nate_Pearson telling us to start recording HR data if we weren’t already as it would be used in the future……

This is what they have been saying on the podcast for many many months.

It was sort of the point of v2 as far as I was aware :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah great! No idea how I missed that :man_shrugging: - it will (hopefully) bridge the gap between competing platforms that attempt to quantify improvements based on completed work for outdoor rides