Assioma Uno Firmware update

I have just installed the firmware update onto my Assioma Uno (4.04) and my power output is now being significantly under-reported - Seems fine on the Garmin. Anyone else had this issue and how did you resolve it. Thanks

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The same here. Ant+ works fine but bluetooth on ipad reads half the power. Had no success with changing the „software compatibility“ settings in the assioma app. I think, it´s a case for the assioma/tr support.

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Ok thanks, glad its not just mine - I will contact them

Is the under reporting issue just within the TrainerRoad app?

must be (I’m assuming), I just installed a new set today and I had TR control my hammer and used the pedals in zwift and the power was nearly identical

The Cycling Dynamics spec is Ant+ only so it is not clear what will happen on Bluetooth. I have the Assioma Duo but I have only ever used Ant+. However, I remember that in the app there was a setting for Bluetooth about whether to treat the pedals as two separate BT signals or combine them into one. I don’t remember the details. Maybe this has something to do with it for Cycling Dynamics?

Not tested the bluetooth on other apps. ANT+ works fine

Same here. Fine on my Garmin 935 but half on TR iOS app. :frowning:

I installed v4.04 and gave it a quick spin yesterday.

Assioma Duos, Garmin 530, TR windows desktop app and everything is working fine.

I think it is a Uno issue only …


Same for me. Works fine on my wahoo but not on TR iOS. Thank god for this thread, TR support told me they never supported Assioma Uno in the first place which made me doubt my sanity.

On the plus side it finally fixed the power freezing issue for me :joy:

I just got the UNOs today, and had the same experience. The readout on the TR app was exactly 1/2 of what it was on the Garmin. TR support said you just have to mentally double the number to get the accurate output (or buy the other pedal and make it a Duo…)

Did the Uno’s used to be compatible before this firmware upgrade?

I thought that the Uno automatically doubled the single leg power and broadcast that value. Is that correct?

I don’t know how it works exactly, but “mentally doubling the value” is bs. I want to use power match on my smart trainer so that i can easily track and compare indoor and outdoor. Also, it worked perfectly fine for more than a year and I don’t understand why support tells me it was never supported. They told me also that it is a hardware issue and that single sided garmins double the value, but that does not fit with my wahoo displaying the proper meaning doubled value.

I have opened a ticket Favero. Will report back when they respond


I recently updated the firmware on my Favero Assioma Uno single side power meter pedal. Now when I connect to trainerroad via Bluetooth on my iPhone XS it doesn’t double the power it reads half what I get on my garmin over ant+. Anyone have a fix or experience this?

Everyone here has recently experienced the same issue. Feedback from support was rather confusing. According to email support the single sided assiomas were not supported in the first place and hence nothing is broken. Frustratingly the only advice people got so far was to “mentally double the numbers” or buy double sided.

I hope this gets fixed soon, I just got my new trainer today and want to use powermatch.

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. Let me see if I can clarify a few misunderstandings that are going on here.

It looks like there was an internal miscommunication: In the past, we implemented changes to make sure that the UNO power meter would indeed double the power values as you ride so that you see accurate power data. That being said, these pedals have not been tested in-house which is why we do not, and have not, officially supported the power meters. We have gotten plenty of feedback from members like you who have gotten the power meters to work just fine which is why we un-officially support them now.

Now let’s move along to work on fixing the issue…
Our developers are looking into a few log files now to get to the bottom of what’s going on. It’s possible that the firmware update changed the naming protocol of the device over Bluetooth which is how we interpret which device is being connected. It’s just a theory for now, but could I please have you all confirm something for us? When you pair your Favero Assioma pedal to TrainerRoad via Bluetooth in the device tab, do you see it pair as “Favero Assioma” or “Favero Assioma Uno”? Along with this, could you confirm if the naming that’s showing up now is the same as how it paired before, or if this has changed? (For example: Pre-update: “Favero Assioma Uno” / Post-update: “Favero Assioma”).

Thanks everyone! We’ll try to get to the bottom of this soon.

UPDATE (9:15am PST): We’re pretty sure that we found the root of the issue but it’ll take some time to sort things out with Favero. We’ll be sure to update everyone below as the process moves along soon. For the time being though, the only way to allow double power values to report to TrainerRoad is to revert your firmware back to the previous version.


I can’t remember for sure but I noticed the same thing. I swear it said Favero assioma uno before when pairing and now says Favero Assioma. I even tried renaming it in the device settings on TR. I assume that’s just a superficial naming for The users ID only purposes though.

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It’s responses like this from @Cooper which will keep me subscribed to TR. Following as have just ordered some Unos.