Help me understand the power i see

I have come across 2 circumstances that I cannot understand and was hoping you geniuses know.

The setup:
Bike on Kickr Core with Assioma duo pedals set on powermatch and dual pedal broadcasting. Running TR on iPad connected to PM and KCore via Bluetooth. Running Zwift on laptop with an Ant stick connected only to the PM.

  1. I was doing Antelope yesterday and I noticed that my power on Zwift is constantly 10W lower than TR. This happened Both in the intervals and the rests. The power smoothing is the same. I don’t understand if it’s displaying power on both platforms from the Assioma, why the 10W difference?

  2. last week when I was doing single leg drills, the power from left pedal was doubled and power from right was 0. It was behaving like a single sided pm, even though it’s set to broadcast as dual. How come?


which pedals are paired to TrainerRoad? I don’t own Assioma pedals and don’t know what “dual pedal broadcasting” means.

On my Stages left/right the two sides are “linked” via the Stages app. And then in TrainerRoad I connect to the left non-drive meter. I connect TR to left crank meter using Bluetooth. Just did single leg drills tonight, and I see power in TR app when doing either leg.

I have the Powertap P1 pedals, and they only pair properly dual sided over ANT+. If you pair them via bluetooth, then it behaves as if it’s just a single sided meter and just broadcasts double the left pedal. I don’t know if the Assiomas are the same, but if they are, maybe that explains both the discrepancy and the mismatch (though 10 consistently is still strange)?

You need to use this setting:

According to DCRainmaker article:

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I’m sorry for the late response but I got busy at work for a few days.
So I took a pic of the settings. As far as I can tell they seem to be correct. I don’t know why I see different numbers with Ant vs BT. I turned on my Edge530 and the numbers there show the same as the Zwift platform which isn’t surprising since it’s receiving the same Ant signal. @Bryce can you look at this thread?

See post above. You need to use unified channel L. At least until TR updates their app to support dual power over Bluetooth.

  • delete Assioma from TrainerRoad
  • use Assioma app and switch to Unified
  • pair left pedal to TrainerRoad

according to Bryce, it should be dual for the Assiomas

No, he is referring to the unified channel L setting. The combined power data for both pedals is sent over the L channel. That’s the setting Favero has so that dual power works with apps like TR that don’t support dual over Bluetooth.

So then the Zwift power I see that is 10W lower is the correct power? :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:


The data for BOTH pedals will be sent to the app. Are you connecting Zwift via ANT+ and TrainerRoad via Bluetooth? That should deliver dual-sided power to both apps.

Seems unlikely that your right would be that much weaker than your left. But theoretically if your left is stronger and so far you’ve been transmitting just that power to TR then that makes sense. Change the setting and see what happens, and please report back! I’m curious now.

That’s correct. ANT to Zwift. BT to TR

From all outdoor rides my power balance is either 50/50 or 51/49.
But that’s a good idea. I’ll switch to BT to Zwift and Ant to TR and see if there is a diffeeence.