Calibrating Assiomas on latest firmware via Trainerroad

I updated my pedals to the latest firmware. New feature is that the pedals self-calibrate. As i couldn’t find one shred of information on their website on how to allow the pedals to calibrate themselves, I calibrated today through Trainerroad, as usual. One thing I noticed is that on the left side of the TR calibration screen, next to the date, there’s a -1, under which it says “offset”, as if the offset is -1, whatever that means. I don’t know whether it was like that before the update, or whether that’s something new. Can anybody tell me what their newly updated pedals show?

Mine has displayed with the -1 both before and since the update. No change.

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I always calibrate with the assioma app.

The auto-calibration is in the firmware. You only need a manual calibration (via app) every time you move the pedals to a new bike.

-1 sounds about right for TR, though. IIRC, it’s just some garbage return value.

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I calibrated through the Assioma too. I get a message “Calibration Successful.” However, on the Powermetercity website, it say…

  1. You should receive a message saying “Calibration Successful 0” (It’s important the value is 0. If not, repeat the calibration procedure again)

I don’t get the 0. You?

I have always received a value of -1 on TR with my Assiomas. Has not been a problem.

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I’ve had my pair for a few years now, but I guess I have never noticed the -1. Well, good to know it’s normal.

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That’s not for the app. That would be for a head unit.

The actual Favero manual says or

Make sure that the zero offset adjustment was successful; usually the
display shows a confirmation message or a 0 (zero).

Courtesy of GPLama.

Courtesy of DCRainmaker

I guess I need to RTFM! Thanks!

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-1 every time in TR and on my garmin.

Never calibrated via assimoa app. Should I? Is there some difference? Should be the same, shouldn’t it?

I don’t know. I always prefer to calibrate by manufacturer app, that’s just something I do.

I would assume the head unit is fine too.

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I always get -1 if I use Bluetooth and 0 if I do it via ANT+ so that may explain what you are seeing.


This is the same for me.


So is the general census to still calibrate the pedals even though the firmware update made them self calibrating?

I calibrate to TR each ride. I figure it cant hurt. Also receive the -1 on TR, ) on Garmin 830.

I only calibrate when moving the pedals or if I take off or loosen the pedals and retighten them. I let it auto-calibrate itself otherwise. No difference, for me.

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100% what imaholland said

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I calibrate before every TR workout…might help accuracy and takes 5 secs so in my view why not!

Realise I’m replying to an old message but just thought I’d add that I get “0” if my UNO is connected via ant+ and "-1* if by Bluetooth.

Not sure I’ve ever connected my DUO set via Bluetooth to check what it says…