Power metrics: Wahoo vs. TR

Looking for some feedback from people much smarter than me about this kind of stuff. :nerd_face:

Outdoor ride yesterday shows quite a difference between some of the power metrics using Wahoo Bolt and after it’s loaded into TR:

Wahoo showing metrics (note especially average power and KJ):

TR showing metrics with average power and KJ much different:

The only metric I can see that’s the same is the normalized power. Why the differences?


Do you have the same FTP set in both apps?


I do now. :crazy_face:

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Looks to me like the Wahoo data is off, 1128kJ would mean you need to ride 1h50min@171W.

Take a look at my post about a similar issue here:

Edit: First thing I would check since Wahoo shows higher average power is if you have turned off include zeroes in average power in wahoo app. That would explain why average power is almost same as NP.

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FTP setting would affect TSS and IF but not average power and kilojoules. Assuming your only recording your ride on the bolt and then uploading to TR they should have the same power data. If that’s the case, then the difference is not in the power data but how it is being analyzed and interpreted. Is there a setting in the bolt that ignores zeros or something? The biggest thing is the kilojoules showing half in the TR than in bolt.

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I have the include zeroes set to off:

I’m not clear on whether it should be on or off.

I have the FTP set the same now, so I’ll keep an eye on it to see if the discrepancies continue.

Thanks for the replies.

Power should include zeros.

Cadence should not include zeros.