ASSIOMA DUO-SHI - installed with PD-M520 (issue)

Hello TR forum!

I am having an issue with my ASSIOMA DUO-SHI pedals installed with PD-M520 pedal bodies. During a recent ride, I noticed that it was giving wild and inflated data readings. After the ride, I saw that the power balance on my stronger left leg was WAY off!

So, I contacted the customers services team and explained the issue. They noticed something was off with left side power. I replied to their suggested feedback/questions (i cant post their email and my replies).

One question they have asked for is pictures of the ASSIOMA DUO-SHI installed on the bike with pedal bodies. The pedal body I am using isn’t recommended by them (PD-M520). If I send them pictures with PD-M520, will it invalidate my warranty?

Just to add, im not currently in my home country and able to change them to a recommend pedal body

Your advise is much appreciated.


Then maybe it’s not advisable to use the PD-M520… there is probably a reason for it.

And yes, it’ll probably invalidate the warranty since you’re going against the manufacturers instructions.

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