Ashton Lambie breaks four-minute pursuit barrier

That is because he has switched his training away from TT to breakaway rider / stage winner.

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My source=physics.
Just remember students, the closer you come to reaching the speed of light the more energy is required.


He’s also significantly heavier and taller than either Lambie or Campenaerts so it follows that he would need much higher watts for the same speeds (specially as wasket says/implies, its not a linear increase).

Lambie - 178cm / 72.5 kg
Campenaerts - 173 / 72 kg (sceptical of that weight figure though, that’s pretty much bang on my stats and I am hardly skinny :grimacing: )
Ganna - 193cm / 82kg

Campenearts was saying Ganna would likely have issues with heat dissipation doing something like the hour. Not sure how that would apply for something like an IP, although Ganna did absolutely smash the team pursuit at the Olympics.

“Excluding the intense start, which his longtime coach Benjamin Sharp said could have peaked at 1,300 or 1,400 watts, Lambie estimated that he averaged between 480 and 500 watts for the four-minute effort. This is a huge amount of power for any rider for that duration, but even more so for the 5-foot-9 Lambie in an extremely aero position at altitude. (Aguascalientes is 1,887m/6,190ft above sea level.)”


i dunno, 500 at 3:59 sounds better than 400 for 4


I’m sure it’s noted somewhere already, but does that mean he’d have needed like 520-550 at Sea Level (maybe more due to the air density)?

I mean, that sounds like a hard start interval in TR right :wink:

I’d include the 1300 watts myself!

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I have to disagree here…see my previous post about Lambie racing and winning The Rift 100k race a few weeks ago. Hardly ideal prep work / training for an incredibly intense, very short effort.

He’s such a fascinating guy. Lots of great articles/interviews out there about him that are worth reading. I remember reading one that I can’t seem to find where his coach talks about how he tried to break him with more and more work. Lambie just kept cranking it out. After like two weeks, the coach gave up. He’s a musician, likes scotch, and seems like a cool guy to have a conversation with. Anyway, here’s a couple older articles I enjoyed re-reading.


Here’s the article about his coach trying to break him and find his mental limit… Ashton Lambie Is the Most Interesting Bike Racer in America


Yes! Thanks for sharing.

good read…i need to grow more stach


he will have averaged 465w over the entire 3:59.930. This would be a lap one average of 821w and then a “cruising” power of 431w for laps 2 to 16.

— wattshop

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Interesting read (from which the quote above was pulled)


Instead of “…X would be faster” how about focusing on how he did this particularly his training. The MDR approach may not be unique but it sure seems to have worked for Lambie. And of interest for IP riders anyway. Were those interval days 120% FTP? 150%? 10x? PS Masters Track Worlds will be back in LA next fall (2022)

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i thought the LA trak was getting taken down?

Don’t know but 2022 Masters was announced last week when this year was cxl’d