App running slow [Android]

I was having this for over the last year. Anything over an hour had a decent chance of dying. Even if it didn’t crash, the UI would lag more as it went on. Watching the interval clock it would skip seconds pretty regularly, especially around resistance changes. Finally bit the bullet and got a new tablet with more ram, which seemed to be limiting factor. Guessing as the workout data builds up in memory the tablet gets stuck in a memory garbage collection cycle, so the cpu spends more and more time on it. Eventually just can’t allocate a block of memory big enough so the app crashes.

I’m a little curious if my old tablet will be functional again after these perf improvements are completed.

Sorry to hear the Calendar is taking a long time to load – do you happen to have the TR Beta App installed already? If not, we’d recommend giving it a go to get updates that will improve app performance as soon as they’re released!


Hey everyone! Hope your training has been going well. :slight_smile:

We wanted to check in and get a pulse on how app performance has been since we’ve been rolling out updates. Have things been improving?

Let us know if you have any input!

Mine seems to be working great today (android) after some recent strange issues with the menu hanging and having to restart the app. Agree with Chad that the very quick flash of “finishing install” at initial start up is strange, though not a functional problem.


Agree, my tablet has been faster the last week or so. I used to put my shoes and hrm on while the calendar loaded, but now I can get the workout picked and opened without much delay.

I’ve had pretty good performance from the Android app across my devices. I have still had some crashes on the A7 which is frustrating but not consistent.

I’m currently using an iPhone SE 2020 with the plan that it could be my cycling phone as it has more reliable connection, however the TR app is super unreliable on it. I haven’t really been able to match or complete surveys at all. Admittedly, the phone hasn’t been as perfect in terms of app performance as I expected of Apple - it may be the device.

Been using the Beta app for a couple months now and seems fine :slight_smile:

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@Rickie, are you on the Beta app?

I’ve posted a couple of times out of frustration in the hope that things might improve.

The app has been slow and unresponsive for a very longtime now from my experience on iPhone.

It’s got to the stage that I’ve grown used to it now and expectations aren’t high anymore.

Sorry to hear that – we’ve been using this thread to monitor Android app slowness (I just edited the title to make that more clear).

Please reach out to so we can diagnose what might be going on with the app on your iPhone.

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After going through a first round of accepting the latest update, closing and then starting again:

  • About 31 seconds, 35 seconds and 35 seconds again to launch TR to the main screen.

    • This shows a step backwards to my prior testing in the 25 second range previously. :frowning:
  • Then swapping from the default Career page to the Calendar page took over 7 seconds (confirmed 3x), with the same filler messaging shown during the initial load.

  • Swapping back to the Career page took an even longer 11-12 seconds (3x).

I’ll be honest, this feels like an unnecessarily long time for the main launch, but particularly for swapping between the pages shown above. I don’t tend to use this device and app since I prefer to use PC when I have the option. But there are plenty of times I need to use my phone and this performance stands out as much slower than any of the other apps I use regularly on this same device.