Today’s Plan Software

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Is anyone using Today’sPlan? Any thoughts, highlights, lowlights?


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I use it with my coach and I like it. It works just like TrainingPeaks does, though creating graphs to show certain data appears to be harder in Today’s Plan than in TrainingPeaks. That might be a user issue though.

TrainerRoad doesn’t sync with Today’s Plan, so I have to manually download my workouts from Today’s Plan and use the TR workout creator to get them into TR. Once I’m done working out, I’ll need to then download the workout from TR and upload it to Today’s Plan. In practice it’s a quick process.

For outdoor rides I use the Shifter app to get rides from my Garmin into Today’s Plan.


Today’s Plan doesn’t control trainer, right? Unlike TR, I couldn’t do a Today’s Plan workout while riding in zwift, right?

There is a rudimentary workout player. IIRC it does control the trainer but it’s not as good as other players on the market.