TrainerRoad Integration to Cycling apps

I like using TR, it is making me stronger and faster.

Currently I am running TR and my cycling app (IndieVelo or Zwift) simultaneously which is not a big deal but that causes multiple fit files and various different issues.

In the past I used to use Today’s plan and that was supported by training apps and it was so easy to choose a route and workout and off you go.

Does TR have any plans to open a API so the 3rd party apps can pull the workout from the calendar and then push the results back to TR.
I don’t mind have both open so they can talk back and forth.

TR does not do any magic while training all the magic happen before and after the training.

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Hey there!

We don’t have any such plans at this time. At the moment, TR workouts can only be pushed to Garmin and Wahoo head units using Outside Workouts.

Completed TR workouts can be shared with third-party platforms using Activity Sync.

That is sad to hear.

I would have thought that easy integration to other apps will bring more people to TR. I have heard many times what a pain it is to run two apps simultaneously, so people opt for the easy option (ie Today’s plan or training peaks)