Anyway to import running activities from Garmin or Strava into TrainerRoad?

Just to follow up on Zwift running. I use a Garmin footpod and found I nead to set the treadmill to at least 1.5% incline to get a more accurate pace. I have not calibrated the footpod or treadmill. I’ve heard the Stryd meter is the best for accuracy

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This would be great to include as soon as you can.

I was able to use the work around for importing a run at least one time (maybe twice) but now I don’t see the file after I import and refresh. I’ve tried the .fit, .tcx, .pwx, and .zip from strava and garmin. The file appears to upload fine but it’s not there after I refresh.

Can anybody tell me what I’m missing?

Thank you

If I try to import my runs from Garmin file I get the same problem you described. If I import from the Strava file it works, but sometimes I have to go into the Calendar and back a few times for it to show up.

Thank you

@Tezz does the free version of strava allow the export? I am only finding how to import workouts into strava not the export.

I’m not sure, I am currently a premium member. I forgot to mention that Strava won’t let me export what Garmin calls “Other Activity” for some reason, but it will let me export my runs when I click the activity and Edit mode.

Also this is from my PC and not the Strava app

@Tezz. I’m wondering if the issue is because I have it listed as “strength” and not a run. It was a combination workout. I should have just left it as a run. I guess I’ll see what happens next time.

I just did a test and if I click on the Run Activity I want to export, then to the left click on the wrench “edit” I get a drop down that has Export GPX, click it and it saves a copy to PC that I then load into TR. That works for runs but does not work for my strength activites that I record on my Garmin as “Other Activity”.

Hi @Bryce just signed up for Trainer Road (predominately due to the calendar function) so will be stoked when this is available as a lot of my training is non bike.

To be honest hadn’t anticipated this wouldn’t be a function with sync so will have to manually enter workouts for now (had I known this may have waited till it was implemented but such is life) but will look fwd to it being implemented

Hi, it’s a +1 from me to be able to use the calendar function on TR for running and swimming to replace TP.

On TP, I pretty much only use the calendar and PMC (yes, I know it’s only a guide Coach Chad!) functions and like the guide capabilities as triathlete without a coach. I have uploaded a free plan, but would use a plan from Coach Chad IF (and only IF) everything integrated.

I’d rather avoid the outlay on TR and TP. Currently I use TP with a.n.other trainer app, but would like to switch to TR, without all the duplicate costs.

Team TR, just let me know when I can easily import run, swim and other workout data (hiking and walking would be good for TSS) and I’ll sign up!


Yeah, the ability to add non-TR workouts to the calendar would be awesome! Is this the place to “upvote” a feature request, or is there someplace else for that?


I think in the past I was able to import a run into TR but today nothing happens when I try to import a FIT run file. Has this been stopped, not possible on a cycling app or is there some trick to so it?

If you are interested in your overall training load (including runs) you could sync your TrainerRoad rides to Strava and then use another tool to show rides and runs together. I wrote, a Stava integrated training app. It has a nice fitness chart and it estimates training load from any activity with HR so long as you have some rides with power to build a model from.


Just checking to see if exporting runs from Garmin and then importing them into TR is the option.

Went for a run, recorded with my Forerunner, it auto syncs to Garmin (obviously) and to Strava but not to TR.

It seems when you do upload the file it insists on thinking of it as a ride too, which is a bummer.

We do not have the ability to imports Runs or Swims at this time :pensive:.

This is the latest update from our CEO Nate Pearson:

just wondering if this capability is

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Hey! In the Feature Request thread for syncing swim and run activities, Nate did address that it’s on the Roadmap, we just have some higher priority issues to integrate and sort out first!
Thanks for your patience, our team is definitely jammin to incorporate as many feature requests as we can! :sweat_smile:

Thanks appreciate the update, hoping past activities will be included, at least the last 12-24 months