Anyway to import running activities from Garmin or Strava into TrainerRoad?

Thanks appreciate the update, hoping past activities will be included, at least the last 12-24 months

Oof. Its definitely not helpful for me to even provide estimated timelines for features like this. The reason being; as these features are developed, introduced in beta, and all the bugs are addressed and worked out, it can be really really quick or take a long time for the feature to be fully incorporated into the app.
Its unfortunately really difficult to foresee what that process will look like, so the last thing we want to do is provide a timeline that has to keep changing, or lets or athletes down when we don’t end up meet a loosely estimated timeline. Really, the last thing we want to do is disappoint you all with promises we cant keep (even if in the form of timelines!) :crossed_fingers:

@Bryce has there been any update on when this might occur? I’m looking to pull in run/swim logs from strava/garmin. Especially post cape epic… you know @Nate_Pearson is going to want to have those pull into trainerroad as he prepares to crush that triathlon training! Thanks for everything!

@bryce disregard. I just saw the reply from ivy above! Keep killing it!

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No worries! Sorry we dont have a better timeline for this feature, but we do have some really sick updates on the way that we’ve been working super hard on. As soon as some higher priority fixes and releases are live, this will just get moved up on the roadmap!
Thanks for your patience! :v:


Can you share if this is on the near term road map, or are we still talking years?


Unfortunately, not at this time. I’ll reiterate aforementioned advice about why timelines are tough:

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Hey Ivy. Has there been any progress on this front? Started running again after 6yr, 3kids and a severe case of dad bod and thought entering a triathlon would be a good idea.


Yes, very interested in this, especially how TSS from running and running zones could contribute to adaptive training and Progression levels (I tend to run/swim on days im not cycling) @IvyAudrain


Stoked you’re mixing in running with your training!
No new updates on this feature. Top priorities currently have our team’s hands full.

Totally agree, this will help athletes (and AT) have a better understanding of the full scope of training fatigue and progressions. It’s definitely still on the roadmap, thanks for your patience!


Thanks @IvyAudrain appreciate the response, great to know it’s on the roadmap! :tada: