Anyone using RGT Cycling, thoughts?

I tried it yesterday and couldn’t even get past the loading screen and several “server connection errors” After 20 minutes of trying, just loaded up TR. Definitely want to give it a look, so will try again today.

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I figured out how to do with spaces, it’s just stuff I don’t use a lot since I’m mainly a windows person. But the graphics were so poor (the text was unreadable, for example) that I just went back to zwift. I think zwift gets some flack for not being graphically top of the line, but they’ve got something that looks good in a variety of formats

It look good when I tried it a Christmas, but I wonder if being free is double edge sword. The backend needs to be able to support the extra load. I assume Zwift has this covered.

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I used it quite a bit last year…I downloaded the new version and got the free premium version upgrade…tried twice to ride it and it would never finish loading…I gave up.

Second attempt went off without a hitch. Ran the program and was on the bike in 90 seconds. First impressions were really good. Much simpler than Zwift (no power ups or turns to take - this is a positive in my book) but the UX is simple and solid. Nice environmental features and a good route. Some wonky camera angles on the “random” setting, but never enough to really detract from the experience.

Only spent an hour on it today, but as a Sunday supplement to TR Low Volume plan, so far I’m sold. Want to try some other routes and see how they fare.


I tried it today. Very simple to set up. Used it with apple tv for the screen ap and my phone.

Tried it for 20 minutes. Video was good, responsive. I was trying to just do an easy ride but I really do prefer TR to just ride at my set programmed pace. I am not much of a visual person to need to watch something. This was interesting but didnt catch me as I felt I wasnt doing what I intended to do. I got riding too hard on my easy day. All on me. Easier to be focused with TR.

The one neat item was to draft and see the savings from getting into the right position.

First attempt at exploring it I somehow loaded a ride and then couldn’t figure out how to finish it/exit so I could look at something else. Ended up rebooting the phone :frowning:

My experience today: server connection errors, hung up my laptop and I had to use task manager to kill it, then reboot the pc.

I will give it one more try but I’m thinking it’s not ready for primetime and/or load demand.

2015 Ronde on YouTube worked just fine:)

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: You know how they say never press the big red button? To quit the ride, just press the big red button.

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tried it as well today to see if i could use it on ant+ the same time as TR on BT.

wouldn’t find my sensors the entire time i was in TR (which wasn’t an issue with zwift), and after my ramp test i tried it again without TR running and it found the ant+ sensors right away. i’ll try it again to see if i can get both to work at the same time (TR on BT, and RGT on ant+).

initial impressions were that it looked good. not zwift like in terms of game options, but overall good if you wanted to just ride and were too lazy to lookup something to watch.

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Used it for a quick warmup today, on Samsung Galaxy S7 and Apple TV 4k - worked well, and I like it. Also tried it on MS Surface Pro - worked nicely.
A bit less refined than other apps, but good enough for me (and brilliant for a free product). Also, quite engaging and motivating… I will use it some more for free riding and short warmups. And maybe the occasional Stelvio :slight_smile:


Riding the limited number of “stock” courses worked well.

I’ve created a couple of Magic Road courses but I haven’t found a way to ride them, creating organized rides doesn’t work. I wish there were a way to “just ride” the magic roads.

The two device requirement is pretty annoying too.

I probably won’t mess around with much more as the usability is pretty frustrating.

With the new “free” option, they imposed a minimum of 5 rider group in order to use the Magic Roads, and you can only ride MR in groups. It’s a restriction related to their infrastructure, if I understand correctly. I agree it’s a bummer to not be able to hop right in and ride them. Kinda kills a big reason most would use MR in the first place.


Kinda goes against what they advertise on their page:
Ride any road from Anywhere in the world, where and when you want
I created my magic road from my go-to ride, bummer I can’t ride it unless I find 5 people. Also…for the life of me I cant find anywhere to see what ANT/BLE devices are connected?


Agreed on the MR confusion. It is counter to the whole idea, IMHO. There was a requirement to access them via group rides even before this current situation, so it’s not “new” other than they now have a minimum of 5, where I presume it was at least 2 before.

The connections are buried somewhere… I’ve had similar issues and can’t remember where they are right now.

Edit: try clicking on the sensor info on the ride screen:

I could actually see it being a cool feature to get people from the TR forums to ride your local loop. I usually ride evenings CET but can be flexible on a Sunday if you can cobble together others.


That is the screen from the old version…it doesn’t look like that anymore.

Ah, crap. Sorry. Just did a quick search and not at my PC to test.

I made some Magic Roads in case we get shut in. I didn’t realise they were groups only. That’s a pain. I was looking forward to trying them out.

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Likewise, I just sent one up to be created. Not to worry I just want some thing easy for my endurance rides.

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You wont be able to ride it solo.