Anyone using a Tickr with a Garmin First Beat unit?

I am using a Tickr (not Tickr) and 530. Paired with BT. ANT+ won’t transfer HRV. The First beat, HRV, performance metrics seem to not be working right.:

Just bit flip blocks. Am I missing something here.

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I don’t use a TICKR Sensor, but normally it takes some time until the Performance Condition gives you a value. Garmin says that it normally take 6 to 12 minutes.
I don’t know how long it took in your case, because I don’t understand your time axis.

That was a three hour ride…

Maybe it was 0 the rest of the ride.
I looked in to my workouts and so sometimes similar things.
Once it dropped at the beginning to -7 and then disappeared, I think it jumped up to zero but I don’t know why. So I think it’s not a problem with your heart rate sensor.

I used a TickrX with my indoor sessions, record them with my 520 Plus and Forerunner 935 and always see performance condition… It usually first pops up roughly 10 minutes in, although depending on the ride can be drastically different (I think depends on effort levels vs HR?)

This is from a recent ride recorded on my Forerunner 935 -

turn off the heart rate (its a distraction), and drag your finger. A cursor should appear and you should see performance condition is 0. Like this:

There is no grey bar when performance condition is 0.

and help screen:

For the real-time assessment:
run = pace, heart rate, and heart rate variability
bike = power, heart rate, and heart rate variability

and some good background info on Firstbeat website:

The real-time measurement has a bit of “noise” or jitter so look at trends over the course of the workout or ride.