Wahoo Tickrx Heart Rate Pick Up Issues

I know there are a lots of posts on Wahoo HRMs but I cannot find a solution to my issue. My HRM connects almost immediately upon putting it on via chest strap and with a strong 3-4 signal. However, it does not pick up heart rate until 10 mins into the work out or if I connect/re-connect incessantly.

Thoughts? Advice?

Contact Wahoo customer support. I’m on my second Tickr X (gen 1). They replaced my first one even though it was outside the warranty period. For me, it would broadcast and record HR and my devices would pick it up, but it would lock into the first HR it detected and not update for several minutes, or sometimes not at all. Taking the HRM off, waiting for it to shut down, and put it back on usually worked the first time, but not always. Here are two screen captures showing the HRM locked in and struggling to figure out HR - the first is 7 minutes, the second 11.

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My phone and laptop work amazingly with my wahoo tickerX. But my wahoo struggles to connect with the tickerX, and like you mentioned can take minutes before it starts reading on my wahoo. Sometimes it connects fine, but when it doesn’t, I take out my phone and close any workout apps and toggle my bluetooth and that will usually connect it to my wahoo. Typing this out makes me think I should follow rkoswald and contact support though

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First thing to check is the two pads on the strap are moist, if not give them a lick.

I also had an issue with mine where it would say my HR was 170+ for the first 10 - 15 mins before locking onto my real heart rate. It might sound strange but the way I’ve resolved it is by not wearing a vest over the top. Not sure if the material was causing some weird electrical interferance.

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