How to start TR workout?

I have TR (PC) up and Kickr Core (just out-of-the-box) set up and connected on ANT+. Have cadence and speed sensors on BT working, and HRM on ANT+. Did not see Spin Down on TR, so did calibration and advanced calibration on Android.

I selected Ramp Test on TR, watched the video.

I have no idea what to press or select next. I see no start or GO or Green play arrow on the screen. I also cannot reach the computer once on the bike.

It is just that basic a problem :slight_smile:

I told it I want to do less than 1 hour workouts, moderate, etc and it said there were none matching my criteria. I am 67 and training for 5K,10K, 20K time trials later in the year.
I tried Wahoo Fitness on the Android and connect BT this time. I do not know what the Android is doing but it is like riding up a 5-7% grade at 85 rpm 200W.

Just start pedaling :+1:

You need to pair your sensors and trainer in trainerroad…it wont start until it senses motion…you will need either an ANT+ dongle or bluetooth dongle for your pc.

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OK, let me try that. Might be back in 30 minutes…

It sounds like you may be on their webpage trying to start from there. You need to download their app and start in there.
It is also best to do it in a structured way instead of cherry picking workouts. Best way is generally Sweet Spot Low Volume I & II (6 weeks each.) Then go to the appropriate Build Phase, then Specialty.

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No good. It lets me add the ramp test to the calendar, but nothing happens when I pedal.

I expected a progress screen where it would show all the stuff: HR, speed, power, and time elapsed.

Thanks. No, TR is on the PC already. First step is to get it to work, then decide on workouts :wink:

Oh, I must not have made it clear, all sensors were working on the Device page.

Hey, Glen,

Not knowing your experience with structured training, it really is best to follow Base > Build > Specialty once you get everything sorted out. Many of us here can tell you from experience that cherry picking workouts generally leads to burnout, frustration and de-motivation. There are a bunch of threads here that support this statement.

Otherwise, best of luck with your TT’s later this year!

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Never mind, u were trying to tell me I was on the web page, and YES, it did that when I clicked add to calendar.
Closed all that out, brought up TR again, and then it had the Ramp Test screen.

:frowning: unfortunately my FTP is not as good as I had hoped at 202.

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  • (picture that scene in Fight Club where Brad Pitt does the “YOU ARE NOT YOUR…” monologue)


  • Take if for what is it… a data point used to set training zones.
  • It does not define you as a cyclist.
  • There is so much more to your identity and abilities on a bike.
  • Ignore the tendency to measure yourself against others with a such narrow metric.

Oh How I wish that I had an FTP of 202. Mine is 152.

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To add, you may well under-perform for a number of reasons.

  • Lack of sufficient cooling (good fans and cool air, if possible)
  • Proper motivation before and during the effort (Look at it a bit like a race and plan to pour all of yourself into the test.)
  • Proper nutrition prior to the effort (same as above).

When I joined TR just over 3yrs ago I tested at 210 (at 88kg) - was also disappointed - now sometime later - I’m now 20kg lighter and at 4W/kg - so hang in there - each year is a eye-opener - I never thought I could do 3x20m @threshold, or repeated 3min VO2 intervals @ 120+% … these are now routine … you can only get faster and fitter now that you have started using TR