Anyone subscribe to Flobikes?

Great, thanks…was indeed $25. Seems like a screaming deal…now waiting for the other shoe to drop in the form of “Oh, the Giro will be an extra $50” or some such nonsense. :joy:

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I signed up for GCN+ as well. Lots of big races this year including strade and Il Lombarda in addition to those already mentioned. 25 bucks for a year it is a no brainer.

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$25 right now is pretty good for their schedule I think.

It’d be nice to have a few of the races that Flo has, but comparing their schedules the price difference seems unjustified to me.

Can you view GCN+ via a web browser? Or only via an IOS / Android app?

Anyone in the US confirm that you can use a VPN to watch content that is region locked on GCN+?

Yes, I just watched Flandriencross today on my laptop.

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I did read one recent review that said it may have trouble with Safari and possibly some other browser.

But I just used chrome and mirrored it to my tv just fine, I believe it said firefox worked as well.

Haven’t tried GCN with a VPN but have read that it works.


Thanks - I’m going to grab a month subscription and test it out before I commit to a full year. I hate to have to go this route, but I really need my cycling fix without having to subscribe to 15 different services and random pirate websites.

Yes, we’ve been using a VPN to watch geo-blocked CX races since just after Dendermonde. Had no issues.

As for up charges, I’ve had Race Pass since before last season, never had them charge extra for any races. The only issue was geo-blocked content, but the VPN now fixes that.

For the guy who’s looking for soccer and cycling, you can actually use a VPN to get access to the Eurosport player. It’s slightly more expensive than Race Pass, but it might give you more that you’re looking for.

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Crazy finish in Etoile de Beseges today…putting a roundabout 400m from the line was NOT a good idea.

Watch the line by Mads Pedersen after his initial contact…he goes from the left side of the road exiting the roundabout all the way to the right, taking out the Pauwels - Bingoal rider from nowhere and then still continuing until he hits the barrier off the right side of the road.


That was bizarre.

Folks I created an account just to log in and thank you for this very long and informative thread. Deciphering the road schedule every year is generally impossible and always in flux. The war for the rights between ASO and RCS leaves american viewers as the casualties.

I understand why tempers got hot but please understand the debate is an organic consequence of such a ridiculous system for watching these races in the US. I have watched these races on all of the networks and streaming services and pirate feeds over the years, and never as a conscious consumer choice, but more in quiet desperation as I hunted for anything that worked.

The best days were when all you needed was vesus and a membership, but that was before streaming media players so a lot of it required a laptop. It was also much cheaper than this year apparently, being forced into spending 150 up front just for “most” of the italian and belgian races, seems like an extremely high price to pay, but learning of the existence of GCN seems to be a benefit. I cant believe we are at the point where 3 separate pay services are basically required to be an american road cycling fan.

The only place I’ve ever seen a broadcast explanation nearly as helpful as this thread, is using the website, where the viewing options for by country are broken down clearly for every race. Good luck out there.

Oh jeez…I had forgotten all about