Anyone subscribe to Flobikes?

Be careful who you are calling a shill. That was exactly what I see on the schedule when I log in. If you don’t like it, piss off.

Others have pointed you towards this as well, but here’s the link with that schedule

I would note there are some discrepancies between that schedule and what shows up here, on their posted events listing (notably Flanders - but I think this is likely just that they haven’t updated the Events page yet)

Awesome. Glad it worked for you.

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Received a reply,

(blah blah blah)

Currently, we don’t have an estimated time for Fubo Cycling pass to return in 2021, however, you can still enjoy the best cycling events in channels like NBC, NBCSN, and in the channels offered in our Sports Plus Add-on.

(blah blah blah)

well at least you got a response. i’m curious though wht other cycling events do they think are on the sports plus channels? i don’t see any that would carry cycling events

As a Canadian I’m pretty frickin happy I guess. I had FLO for the 2020 season and it was great, hopefully 2021 will be as good.

As a Canadian, you will have more races than I posted. I didn’t screen shot races where there multiple Canadian only races in a row at the end of what I could screen shot at once.

Hopefully this makes sense :thinking:

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Thanks, it totally makes sense. I’m just a little confused as to how being Canadian has worked in my favor for once.

This seems like yet one more great reason to leave Murica to head up North.

I use Flobikes in canada. It work great. If you miss the race there is always a recorded version. Last year all the classics and grand tours were on. The schedule looks like last years.

And to make it all even more confusing, Flo is showing the 5 day race Etoile de Bessèges starting today. It isn’t on their schedule, but is on their site. Coverage is in French, but I’ll take it.

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Anyone watching Etoile de Besseges today on FLO?

I’ve got the picture, but no sound…no announcers, no background noise, helicopters, motorcycles, nothing…

ETA - never mind. I restarted the computer and got sound. It is all in French, though… :man_shrugging:


The Flobikes app on AppleTV has always worked fine for me, there’s no DVR, they show the events live and then post the replays afterwards.

But the calendar I’ve seen for this season wasn’t enough to convince me to re-subscribe. We’ll see what the solution is for me but right now Flobikes seems overpriced.

With the removal of the Giro and Milan-San Remo, I don’t necessarily disagree. But i re-upped mu subscription in October for the Giro, so I am locked in. Hopefully they reach an agreement with RCS for the Giro.

As I noted earlier though…I have dropped $150 on dumber bike stuff over the years, so… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Mine’s up end of the month so at least the subscription kinda matches up with the season.

I’ve wasted plenty on cycling and watching cycling. But between trying to watch the European soccer leagues and cycling I get tired of feeling like I’m throwing money at 10 different streaming services that are constantly changing and half of which seem to be ripping me off.

Like you, my FloBikes subscription lasts through most of the 2021 season, so I can see how things go.

That said - all of this discussion has me looking up other broadcast options. Feels like GCN’s coverage might be filling in the gaps for a few things.

According to their site (United States of America – GCN) they have Strade Bianche, Milan San Remo, the Giro, Lombardia, and a bunch of others

Need to go through their watching options (watching only from a phone isn’t really viable for me) but if they have a way to watch from a browser I’ll probably be subscribing there


Interesting…so no chance FLO gets the Giro then.

Unfortunately, GCN’s site is a bit of a mess trying to figure out what I need, etc. It seems I need to subscribe to the RacePass, correct? How much is the subscription?

I think $25/year (discount right now) but when I try to create an account (GCN Race Pass - A better way to watch live racing. Live, interactive bike racing made by fans, for fans) it gives me an error message

Edit: Had some of their scripts blocked, was able to create an account - confirmed it is currently $25 for the 2021 year

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Ooo. Now this is a good schedule. I’ll have to figure out how to watch it on my TV.

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Great, thanks…was indeed $25. Seems like a screaming deal…now waiting for the other shoe to drop in the form of “Oh, the Giro will be an extra $50” or some such nonsense. :joy:

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