Anyone subscribe to Flobikes?

I got mine last fall (October?)…hopefully it works.

I wrote GCN to ask if they would be adding any additional races to their race pass USA and they replied promptly. They told me they can’t get the broadcasting rights to anything more than is listed in their schedule. So MSR, Het Niewsblad, Ronde, ect. are still hanging out there without anybody having the broadcast rights as of now. Very frustrating

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Well at least they answered you. I’ve been trying to get a response from fubo for a week and they are completely ignoring me, and this is from a paid subscriber who innocently (heh) wants to know where his channel went

Sounds like you have a 4th or 5th gen Apple TV and it supports apps. The NBCSports app has a lame implementation of rewind, but otherwise is fine.

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Fubo and Flo don’t answer. Tried many times. Flo got their races from a deal with Fubo so it’s not looking good. Guess we gotta go rogue like the old days. Lol

Flobikes 2021 Schedule is now up

Plus a couple more CX races at the end of the year


Ouch, not much in the US after Flanders. I wonder where the other two grand tours are going to end up?

thought NBC had rights to TdF and La Vuelta thru XXX (past 2021?).

Just submitted a support ticket to Fubo asking for status on Fubo Cycling Pass 2021.

Seems like there was more than a fair amount of hand-wringing that was unnecessary…

that said, there are several big holes that I see with the FLO schedule:

  • Strade Bianche
  • Milan San Remo
  • The Giro
  • Romandie

Not seeing the first 3 on that list would suck…or force us to the germ / virus warfare on Tiz / Cycling Fans.

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I’m looking at the Flobikes schedule. I don’t see what you’re posting??? Are you a shill?

That post is BS. Flobikes ain’t got sh$t. ASO races, TDF ect, will be on NBC

That’s what it shows me on the link I posted. But I had to be logged into my account to see it.

Ok man. I’m logged into my account and it says all those races are available in my area I’m in the United States.

NBC only has the rights to ASO in the USA. The far right column shows where Flo is covering that race.

Flobikes is dead right now. You going to spend $150 for UCI worlds? And BMX? 7 CX races? It’s a mess. That schedule that was posted is a shill post. Total BS. I hope I’m wrong but I’m a subscriber and have written multiple emails and got zero. I’ve cancelled

Calm down. The schedule post was not a shill. Feel free to apologize for accusing the poster of being dishonest.

Then go to Flo, click on “News”. Just under the first video, click on “Read More”. There you will find the just announced schedule.


Uhhhh…I can see that schedule just fine.

Exactly why do you think it is BS?

unnecessary hand wringing? you think so? it’s amazing to me that you can’t or won’t understand that nobody with fubo needed a half assed flobikes subscription to see any of that. they were all on fubo cycling, including the big holes you mentioned. all of it. ALL OF IT

flobikes from what i can see is a shockingly poor substitute. that calendar is in no way worth it. they want $150 up front for an app that from what i can tell has no real dvr functionality at all and isn’t even an app. i installed it today on apple tv and it was a single screen telling me to cast content from my mobile phone. wow thanks. and even that stupid app isn’t available for android tv / nvidia shield which is connected to the main tv.

it was good while it lasted i guess. nobody needs this much aggravation to actually want to pay to watch a sport on their nice and expensive tv at their leisure. the hell with uci, the hell with aso the hell with flobikes and the hell with fubo*
*unless they answer any of my calls/emails asking about the cycling channel in 2021

but hey i actually have a somewhat related but unrelated question. fubo has as an available option the ability to subscribe to both RAI Italia and TV5Monde. does anyone have these channels and can you tell me if as a subscriber you’d be able to watch all of their broadcasts? i’m looking at all of these event schedules and just about all of these events are broadcast on both of these networks…

Got both apps, thanks…I think I was previously using voice search from the main menu instead of inside the App Store app, hence the reason nothing was coming up.

Good to go now!!