Anyone know what the "All Time x 2" trophy image means?

well the workout was only 1:30 duration (1:31 including an additional warm-up minute)

Thats what WindWarrior meant :slight_smile:

Hover your mouse over the end of the graph where I highlighted it and you’ll find 2 new PRs. I expect at 1:30 and 1:31 :blush:

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^^^ this

The image in the first post shows what you are asking about, there’s no PRs there, only matching values.

I HATE the fact I get PRs that are just identical and not really PRs!

2023x15 flagged up in a Zwift race, none are actually true PRs, they are equal to a previous best made in 2023!


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Are you sure those are all exact? If the blue line is your full season and the red is your workout, they overlap because your season PR’s are the workout, not because you have 2 of the same. If you set your season’s end date to 1 day before your workout and then compare, you might see the difference.

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ah that actually makes more sense, appreciate the clarity :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think this is not “matching” really, and just a poor display setup by TR with respect to workout and season power data.

  • As mentioned above, if you look at this chart right after finishing the workout, you will often see a delta between the new workout and whatever was the prior PR.

  • But once TR runs it’s PR review, it comes back and alters the graph to make the current workout and the season PR “the same” since it happened within that given season. I get it, but as is shown here, causes more than a little confusion, which is why I really dislike their program & display logic in these PR charts.

  • IMO, it would be best for TR to essentially show the current workout data with the “prior” PR so we can more clearly see the deltas that we just achieved in the current workout. As of now, you have to do the deeper digging as covered in the support articles above to get any sense of how much you just gained on any prior PR. Could be a single watt or many more than that. We really have no sense of scale or accomplishment without having to do a fair bit of extra work to investigate.

  • I’m tagging @ZackeryWeimer again this morning, to show a fresh display of the issues with the current state of PR data in TR. I think there is more than a little room for improvement here.

1 Like sends out very nice emails, which I really like and hope TR could perhaps have this as an option to opt in/out of?

Nice Ride -!

Sat 11 March 14:40 1h30m 44 km Mono

  • Best power for the season: 656w for 0m5s!
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Yeah, Intervals has this well over TR, including:

Flags with some initial info visible on the Fitness page (dot on graph, expanded info below)

Then if you click on the link in the bottom, it loads the specific workout, where you can click on the record to see the precise window that PR covers, along with other related info on power & HR:

There are these and more items that surpass TR and their ambiguous flagged but hard to find PR’s.

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Yup in my “trying to have everything in TR” these kind of features in keep me going back to it!

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I know TR aims for a “less is more” approach and that is fine. But since they choose to have PR’s tracked to the second in shorter intervals and many more steps than just about any other common tracking apps, I think it’s appropriate for them to make review of those may PR’s they give at least reasonably easy. As of now, it’s not.

Hey all,

We appreciate the feedback here regarding the PR charts!

One thing to be sure of when you’re comparing a current ride to the past is to ensure the date ranges are set to what you’d like them to be. For example, you can compare a recent ride to your All Time PRs:

Another feature that can be helpful to look at can be found if you click on “View Details” as seen on the chart above (to get the “View Details” tab to appear, you’ll have to hover over the duration you’d like to examine and then click on it). You’ll then be able to see your power PRs from the date range you entered as seen from week-to-week, as well as All Time if you choose:

These can be a couple of other ways to view your power and PR data that we find useful.

Here are a few TR Support articles we have that may also be helpful to comb through – a couple have been posted already, but I’ll leave them here as well in case you don’t want to scroll back up to find 'em:

Hope this helps! Feel free to @ me or contact TR Support with any other questions.