Something is wrong with PR Chart

Hi there,

I was just checking my last outdoor ride and it shows me that I have 10 All time PRs. But when I check my PR chart, the current ride power values are all down. I dont know where my PRs are?
Am I missing something or this is common?



Looking at that chart I suspect those PRs happened right at the end of the chart because that is where the two lines meet.

No, It seems not.


The new records are past where the blue line extends to. If you have never ridden for that length of time before you’ll get a PR for every point past your previous max time.

I’ve made a feature request to make this clearer than it is currently. The ‘all-time’ power curve includes the ride you’re comparing it against so whenever a new record is set the lines overlap perfectly.

aha, now it is clear. But then those are not PR :slight_smile: It will be PR if I ride as long as this one with a higher power. :wink:

Your previous best was ZERO…


I have never ridden that long :)))))

This example highlights what I see as a shortcoming in PRs. We need better indicators or highlights of the particular points where we hit them.

Right now, we get the awesome flags that we got some PRs, but we have to dig to find them.

There should be more obvious indications. I already suggested this in the past, but this case shows another reason the current system leaves room for improvement.


You are currrently on the “Endurance” portion of the PR chart. It is very possible that your Personal Record occured in the shorter-duration part of the power curve. I recommend switching to the “Total” or “Sprint” power curve to get a more complete look.


I would agree with this. I think this is where TP has the right idea about showing specific records on the workout page. I’d like the TR devs to put their spin on it but make them visible in the workout/ride popup. Also wish all the metrics were displayed right there w/o having to go to the analyze page to see them.

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Same result. Not clear where my PRs are coming from.

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After a closer look, Chad’s take on this issue is totally correct. Since you rode longer than you have in the past, this recorded as a PR. Whether this should record as a PR or not is certainly up for debate, however, that is where the PRs are coming from.

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I totally agree Chad. We are looking into the possibility of highlighting the curve in a different color (yellow) for the portions where you have exceeded your past personal best, but we are still in the formative stages for this enhancement.


Thanks for the update, @Bryce.

Glad to hear that you are looking into improving this. Cheers. :smiley:

Okey, here is 2 rides comparison. I think actual data is correct but there is an issue on presenting it.

First ride is done on 19th OCT.
While that ride shows my second ride(which I thought the problematic one, Dukhan ride), my second ride does not show the first one. Duration of the rides are same. I guess on the second screen the first ride should be shown and Watts should be plus 35.
I think this creates the confusion. I am looking at the screen and thinking why I can’t see difference while having lots of 3 hours rides in the system.