Why does TrainerRoad find my Kickr twice when using Bluetooth?

I’ve a 2017 Wahoo Kickr and a MacBook Pro. If I use an Ant+ dongle my Kickr is only discovered once but over Bluetooth it appears twice. Any idea why and does it matter which one I choose? I definitely only have one Kickr and nobody within Bluetooth range has another one so it’s definitely only my device being picked up.

The kickr, and many other trainers, broadcast using both the standard Bluetooth profile for trainers (FTMS) and a custom Bluetooth profile from the manufacturer - wahoo in this case. The trainer road app searches for both - and I guess is showing the kickr twice as a result. My guess is they may eventually modify the code in the app to preferentially only show one of the Bluetooth profiles.

As for which to select, I don’t think it will matter, as both should work. But might be worth doing a quick trial to verify that.

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Dave is spot on here, we originally implemented Wahoo’s custom Bluetooth protocol, but as they’ve become FTMS-compatible there’s two ways to pair the KICKR. Both should have the same features and functions, as long as the trainer isn’t paired twice.

Thanks both, knew it would be something simple!