Question: Any benefit to using Bluetooth to Control Kickr on Windows?

I’m on the beta of the new desktop software, and noticed that the latest beta introduced native bluetooth support to Windows. So my question is: is there any benefit (or detriment) to switching from Ant+ to Bluetooth for controlling my gen1 Kickr?

In most cases, we find that Bluetooth creates a more stable and robust connection to your sensors.

In my personal experience, I also find that the Bluetooth connection has a more “instantaneous” control of ERG mode, meaning that the resistance increases more accurately with the Target Power, rather than shifting a few seconds early or late.

I’d recommend giving it a shot and seeing if you like the experience better. If you find that you prefer the ANT+ connection, you can always switch back :+1:.

You’ll need BT if you add a Climb to your Kickr.



Follow-up questions:
So I added my Kickr as a Bluetooth device, but I didn’t remove it as an Ant+ device. Which version (Bluetooth or Ant+) was actually used, and if I want to ensure I’m using Bluetooth, should I remove the Ant+ Kickr device?

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Yeah, you can go ahead and unpair the ANT+ version of your trainer. The new software should preferentially select Bluetooth if it is availiable, but just to be safe :+1:.

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What is needed (besides a computer) to use Bluetooth with Windows and the new software. I assumed that the answer was nothing. I paired my Neo with my laptop just fine. But TR didn’t see anything. Is there something else I need or need to do?

Hi there!

All that you should need is a computer running Windows 10 with a built-in Bluetooth antenna.

If your computer fits the bill, just download our latest beta here (this feature hasn’t made it to production yet), make sure that Bluetooth is “on” before opening TrainerRoad, and you should then see Bluetooth as “on” in the devices screen when you open TrainerRoad.

Pairing will happen in the TrainerRoad devices screen and not in your computer’s Bluetooth settings. If you’ve paired the Neo via your computer’s Bluetooth settings, I’d go ahead and forget it there as it could prevent it from showing up in the TrainerRoad devices screen for pairing.

Hopefully this gets you going! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Geoff. I have been using the production version. I just downloaded the Beta and I’ll give it a try tonight.

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Bluetooth control of my Kickr seems to be working well, but I ran into a weird issue where it didn’t appear that my HR monitor (Scosche Rhythm) was being picked up when setup as a Bluetooth device. When I re-connected via Ant+, I started seeing reported HR. I will see if I can reproduce this.

The Scoche Rythm+ is a dual band device that can connect via ANT+ or Bluetooth, so you should be able to pair via Bluetooth as long as you are not already paired with another device.

If your HRM is already paired to your phone or another application via Bluetooth, it will not be able to pair to TrainerRoad with Bluetooth. It will however be able to pair with ANT+, which is why I suspect this is the issue.

If you continue to have problems with pairing your HRM over Bluetooth, please reach out to our Support Team at If there are issues with native Windows Bluetooth in the Beta, we definitely want to know right away :+1:.

@Geoff BlueTooth with Windows 10 worked fine for me in the Beta version of the App with a Garmin BT HR strap and a Tacx Neo1. Thanks for the help.


Email sent to support as I’m seeing issues with the Scosche Rhythm+ HR + Kickr gen1 control issues.

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