Wahoo Elemnt now supports Varia radar


Most interesting part of Rays article for some might be the last part:

TRAINERROAD OUTSIDE INTEGRATION COMING: (…) Starting in September, Wahoo devices will support integration with TrainerRoad workouts. (…) I haven’t seen this feature yet in beta, so I can’t give you any detailed specifics of how it works, but Wahoo’s saying it should basically match the existing functionality, just simply expanded to TrainerRoad. (…)


Perfect timing with them being on sale online until tomorrow on a Swiss website!

I watched GPLama video and I’m impressed with the level of customization you can get (sounds, led, sidebar). I plan using it with my fatbike, as the tires are so noisy I never hear cars!

I’m looking forward trying outside workouts too.


Finally, and after two messages from them saying they wouldn’t. Too late for me for now, I went fully into the Garmin ecosystem after holding out for a while :frowning:


So now we get ANT+ light support too right? RIGHT?

I am not rushing out to get a Varia unit. Too close to Eurobike, Wahoo might announce their own unit.


Yup, fingers crossed for a Wahoo radar too.


Take this with whatever size grain of salt you prefer, but I live in Atlanta and supposedly they have been working on a radar/camera combo. I heard that today after I mentioned this to a few people.

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A rear-facing radar/camera/light combo would be amazing and I would pretty much instant buy that.


Given Wahoo’s recent product launch issues I don’t know if I would trust a light put out by them. At least the first generation
However I am excited they are now supporting the Varia.

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I’ve used the Varia with a Bolt and it’s great. I would say it works better than on my Garmin, mainly thanks to the bright LEDs.


I also paired to my friends Varia on our ride tonight. Works amazing, even at around a 4 rider split, which I didn’t expect.

I love the integration and will be getting my own radar soon. Just awesome what it does on it’s own and in addition to my mirror.


I as well switched after a few promises and then withdrawals. I decided I was done with wahoo after that. Then I bought a clikr core. Now I’m done for sure. But I am very glad they finally did the right thing for their user base.

Nope, don’t think so.

Correct, no light support.

Also, per a Wahoo rep in the DCR post, no radar coming from Wahoo. So Garmin Varia it is, apparently.


I wanted to mention this for the Varia radar. I have the Garmin 1030 and been using the Varia for a while. I did a 70 mile ride and the Varia died just at the end of the ride, little over four hours. I called Garmin support and turns out there is a day and night setting. I might have missed someone talking about it but I figured I’d throw this out there. For night, the Varia is a solid red and much shorter battery life. For day time, it blinks and last a lot longer, I did an eight hour ride with day time and it never died. I didn’t catch is the Element has the ability to switch that setting but I thought it was pretty important to know. The functionality for alerting you is the same between day or night setting btw.

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If I read it correctly, there are 3 modes, with related battery life times:

  1. Regular Flashing = 15 hours
  2. Solid = 6 hours
  3. Night Flashing = 6 hours

From “Overview” Page:

  • Battery life: up to 15 hours in flashing mode or 6 hours in solid or night flash mode

From “Specs” page:

  • Battery life: 6 hours solid, 6 hours night flash, 15 hours day flash

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I think “night” is solid. When you set up a garmin light network, switch the mode, you only see two. I’ll look at mine again but pretty sure I remember two. Curious if you find different.

According to the web manual:

Taillight Modes and Intensity

  • The Varia™ RTL510 default light mode is solid.
    You can switch the device to night flash and day flash modes by pressing the device key.
    You can switch the device to standby mode by pressing the device key.
    The device does not detect vehicles in standby mode.

That also implies 3 modes.

Default is night mode.