Anyone else get bummed when they don’t get an adaptation?

Crushed a breakthrough Sweet Spot workout today and I was bummed to see that I didn’t earn any adaptations. I realized I’ve come to look forward to seeing an adaptation at the end of my workout. Anyone else?

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I see you are on the mobile app which I don’t use for workouts. But on the Mac app I often don’t get an adaption until I log in online or a different device. But yeah I get bummed when I don’t see one.

what response did you give afterwards?

I rated it as Moderate

…so in other words its simply saying that you’re on the right track and the plan you’re following is working for you as laid out in the near future.

If you see an adaption it implies the plan is wrong - too easy or too hard - and needs a change. I think I’d prefer no adaption personally.

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If I am seeing your screenshot right it looks like you have a recovery week the next week. I’m guessing it will adapt after you get through the recovery week.

I’m only assuming this because I am in the exact same situation. Completed a breakthrough Sweet Spot workout on Fri (also rated moderate) and am now in a recovery week. My next rides after the easy week have not adapted yet, but I am assuming they will as my workout levels for the next block of my training are much lower than where I finished the last block. Again, assuming they will adapt after the recovery week.

If they don’t I’ll manually adjust the first weeks workouts and then let AT do it’s thing after that.

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For sure. The reasonable part of my brain gets it and realizes that no adaptations means it’s working as prescribed. But my competitive unreasonable part says “WhErE Is My AdApTaTiOn?!”

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Pretty sure this is right–that adaptations will only take place within your existing block. Once you start the next block, maybe with a different FTP, your new higher PL will be taken into account.

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Maybe your next sweet spot was already at 10 so there’s nowhere to go.


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… which means you are exactly progressing as AT expects you to and thus, sees no need to modify future workouts. That’s a very good sign that AT is prescribing suitable workouts for you. :slight_smile: