Anyone else do a January 1st Ramp Test?

As a non-drinker, it seemed like as good a way to start the year as any. How did yours go?

My FTP came in 2 watts lower than the estimate I’d used to do SSB MV1 - so happy with that result and ready to take on MV2 with the revised number.

Then start building it in February!


I did. I didn’t drink but I didnt eat either and the results were just bad.

I have it on my calendar, but I’m not sure I’ll get to it today with one last holiday family meal for new years day to get through.

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I took a ramp test and dropped down from 139 to 111 which was not okay. So I fueled, waited an hour, took an 8 min test and got 137. I’m satisfied.


Not a ramp test but the 20’ version. 235 to 240 so not too bad.


Nope, but I have one coming up soon Mid way through Short Power Build MV


Just did mine, after a week of gluttony between the 24th and 29th which I happened to time with a rest week I was a little nervous about how this was going to go. Happy with a 5% increase. Good way to start the new year.


Yep I did! Went from 212-226 after an extended SSB1 :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately I’ve gained 2kg over Xmas to though :see_no_evil::grin:


It was scheduled for today, but I am stretching my training 1.5 more weeks with manual increases in ftp to match the effort. I’ll then be taking my rest week as I am traveling and won’t ride for 5 days. I’ll return to take a ramp test and my first race will be that following weekend! It’s a C-race, 60ish miles, 3000ft of climbing, so it’ll be fun to see where my fitness falls with ~9 weeks of structured base training under the belt.

Yep I’ve just done a ramp test. 265>282 but with half a stone on. Still I’m very pleased with that.


Post surgery I created a very detailed roadmap to get me back where I wanted, some of it was rooted in reality, and some of it was a bit fantastical. I labeled the fantastical stuff as my “stretch goals” and the rest as my actual targets. So far I’m within 5% of where I wanted to be, and I actually think at least one of my fantastical stretch goals is attainable, so I’m pretty pleased.

That being said, I have a ramp test scheduled for 8 January as its the day that my road map ended up placing the start of the next phase. So I was tempted to test today, but I resisted. Instead I am about to head out on my annual NYD outdoor ride, with absolutely no performance goal whatsoever specified for it. For the record, its 42 degrees, foggy, and wet, so the ride may be short…:wink: :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

I recently completed SSBMV1 minus the recovery week and decided to start SSBMV2 today with the ramp test.

I had an increase from 294 to 301. I’m hoping for another increase once this plan is completed.



Did a Ramp Test today as planned. Had very good nutrition over the last week or so but coming out of SSB LV2 I only had a few good weeks of training. Everything else was inconsistent and interrupted with work.

Went from 252 > 254. 3.7 w/kg . Bummed, but to be expected really.


That’s one way of putting it!


Took a month off riding so I was a little depressed going in.

Only lost 24 Watts from my previous FTP. Not too bad considering I was completely off the bike.


I didn’t actually ride a ramp but just manually upped my FTP 5%.

Next test in 2 weeks.


Me too. I still had enough in me for a slow outdoor ride later in the day. 243 to 256 after SSB2 mid, up from 230 before starting TR in the fall. I think part of my increase has been getting better at testing.

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I did! Tested within 4w of my previously set FTP. I haven’t done an FTP test in 7 months… I loathe them, even the ramp test. Instead, I’ve been ticking my FTP up by small bits here and there depending on my longterm workout feel. I’d say testing with 4w of that is pretty good! Especially considering the holiday break and all the cookies I just ate. :slight_smile:


After SSMV2,
246 => 263
Half distance high volume next.


I did today too. Got +3 % after SSBII - I’ll take it. Had gained 3 % in SSBI too. Now it’s on to build and hoping to keep that steady improvement going. At 48, several years on TrainerRoad plans, and nearing a career-high 3.7 W/Kg I’m not expecting huge gains all at once.

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