Anyone considering GCN Race pass?

Still finding I use EuroSport over GCN+, the app, interface and experience is just better. Shame as some of the alternative content options on GCN+ would be great but each time I go to watch something I end up giving up.

Does anyone else have a problem with Tour of Swiss? I have a black sceen…

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I have not been able to get T de Suisse to open, even changed VPN location to Zurich. Anybody have an idea?

For what it’s worth, I am on vpn via Italy. Watching replay without any issues.

What races are you looking for? I seem to get most of the big hitters on NBCSN and some of the smaller races are scattered on smaller sports channels or I find online with free streaming or a VPN. The GCN pass is probably a solid and convenient one-stop shop as long as you consider the following:

  1. Does the app allow casting to a smart TV? Make sure you’re ok watching it on a small format device if it doesn’t.
  2. Announcers, ad-free and uninterrupted is nice, but how is the quality of the commentary? I have heard it be a bit of a snooze on some of the Euro channels. The NBC guys aren’t perfect by any stretch, but they have enough energy to keep you awake.
  3. Stream quality - even on a small device, watching racing under 720P is pretty potato-like, is the stream at least 1080? I often find the app to be slow, not sure if that is a bandwidth/server issue on their end or just clunky code.

Just stuff to think about. GCN is definitely worth supporting for the nominal annual cost, but in terms of your viewing experience, you want to make sure you’re going to be satisfied.

If you are in the US, TdS is on FLO Bikes, not GCN.

Had the same problem yesterday until I figured it out.

Tour de Suisse is on Flo in the United States

If you are “in the UK” you can also watch T de Suisse on GCN

I’m from EU (Croatia) and I didn’t have any restriction until now… how usually looks geo restriction? Do you have it on the menu? I have it but when i click on it I get just black screen…

Me too on my new Samsung QLED TV. Not really traditional buffering, it just cuts out completely to a spinning wheel for a split second once a minute or so.

Not noticed poor performance on any other streaming apps on the TV (I’ve used them all) and the GCN app on my Google TV dongle works perfectly.

Does seem to be a glitch with the samsung TV GCN app?

I’m really happy with the overall product though - coverage and content are excellent- but i’m lucky that I also have access via the Google TV.

EDIT: @Brian_GCN I’m happy to provide any info to help fix.

Is that for the highlights or live coverage? I have the same issue but only watch the highlights from the previous day in the morning. If you have not done already, put a ticket into gcn support.

I have only tried highlights so far…will try some other content :+1:

Edit: have also emailed support now.

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FYI - for anyone using the webplayer. It is having issues!

Unfortunately, the GCN+ Web player and Race TV have been affected by the current Fastly outage. However, the GCN App is still working, so you can still watch all our documentaries and catch the racing over there! We hope to have the Web Player back up and running ASAP!

— GlobalCyclingNetwork (@gcntweet) June 8, 2021

Support were very responsive, suggested it may be related to an issue with compatibility on 2021 TVs… they say an update is in development.

  1. Yes you can - I don’t tend to watch via a small device unless i’m on the move.
  2. I think the Eurosport cycling commentators are the best in the business to be honest.
  3. Quality looks great on my main TV - not sure if its 720 or 1080p though
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I have GCN+ and love it. It’s not perfect; sometimes it does not load properly and I’ve had trouble figuring out that they don’t have rights for listed races in the US. But I’ve watched a ton of racing. Big races like Tirreno and Tour of the Alps, and lots of smaller ones too. The commentators are generally from the UK (Rob Hatch, Sean Kelley, Carlton Kirby, Dan Lloyd, Brian Smith, Magnus Backstedt and Jose Bean are names I can remember). I watched NBC’s crew for the Dauphine, and I like Bobke a lot, but the GCN crew overall is much better. BTW, NBC is moving all of its cycling coverage over to the Peacock Network, so NBC Sports and NBC Sports SN are destined for the dustbin of history.