Anybody ride and train with an EpiPen?

I had an interesting evening at the ER as a result of a wasp sting and what turned out to be a severe allergic reaction. Based on that experience and newly discovered allergy, I am getting a script for an EpiPen and need to figure out how I will handle it for rides and such.

Anyone else here have to carry one? Just curious if there are any tips I can use.

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I learned from my sister (nurse) / nephew (severely allergic to lots of things) that they are heat sensitive, so maybe think about a way to keeping them cooler than baking in your jersey pocket.

Glad to hear it wasn’t worst.

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Thanks, that’s good to know on the temps. I need to pull up some research to check on stuff like that. I was planning to put it in my saddle bag or pack depending on which bike I ride.

Yeah should be kept cold / cool. Make sure your riding buddies know of this and are ready to assist before it’s needed.


I got stung by a wasp when out in the middle of nowhere just a few days ago.
Luckily no allergic reaction or I probably would have been a goner.

It did however piss me off and make me pedal harder, lul.

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I don’t know how big they are, but might be best in a handlebar burrito bag. A fellow I met while riding was wearing a mesh mask because he is highly allergic and had been stung in the back of the throat (the bee flew into his open mouth and wreaked havoc) during a ride. He had forgotten his epipen that day. If you do end up without the EpiPen, definitely consider covering potential areas they might sting you (wear a cap under the helmet, sun sleeves, potentially a light mesh face mask).

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Good info. I plan to put a handful of Benadryl in all my bags for a backup that isn’t as temp sensitive.

I just got the pens and one should fit in any of my saddle bags. Thinking of handling it in tandem with my car keys.

I have the same allergy. My Epi normally stays in the vehicle unless I plan on a long ride. Then it finds a spot in a bag. Im terrible about taking it. I’m normally good unless I get stung/bite above the collar bones. I have had to learn to keep my Jersey zipped. I’ve been bite by something a couple times on the belly when a bug got trapped in my Jersey cause I ride so fast. Ha!

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I’ve had one my whole life for a peanut allergy, though I generally don’t bring it on the bike unless we’re going to a restaurant after. However, regarding the temperature thing, I used to stress about the inevitability of it being exposed to hot cars/pockets/ etc in the course of normal life. Some internet research reveals studies showing that while heat does degrade it over time, it’s probably not as severe a degradation as it’s made out to be. Anyway, this is certainly not medical advice, and it’s definitely best not to leave it in your glovebox on a summer day with the windows closed, but my takeaway was that the normal temperature fluctuations it’ll experience coming along for real life in your pocket are not going to ruin it for when you need it.

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I’ve been riding with one for years (bee sting allergy). I just stick it in my jersey pocket. Used it on a ride a couple of times, including once in a race, which sucked.

Using one is pretty unpleasant. It’s a big needle and it goes deep in the quad, but it’s better than a trip to the ER. Benadryl in your saddle bag is a good idea too.

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I started carrying one in my long run hydration pack after getting stung while running in a ravine/trail system here. I’m not allergic to insect stings but normally have them with me in day to day life for a shellfish allergy. I don’t expect to get any shrimp in my mouth on a long run (!) but it made me think that in some edge case I might be useful to someone else if I’m carrying it.


I’m highly allergic to bees/wasps/fire ants, and have to carry an EpiPen. On the mountain bike I just throw it in whatever bag that I’m using, gravel I shove it in the a seat bag.

Side note: I’ve had great luck with taking Benadryl immediately after being stung. Haven’t needed to use the epipen in 5 years! I get stung an unusual amount as well. Last weekend I got stung 4 times (on two completely separate occasions, lol).

Side note II: When I do rides in remote areas I bring a spot locator, and pay for the rescue insurance so that I won’t be scared to use it. I feel like it would be a dick move on my part to put my friends in a position to have to rescue me, instead of just being prepared for the eventuality.

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