How to carry pills on rides?

I prefer to take caffeine pills before long or early rides instead of coffee. However, I recently started taking the second pill midway through the ride and it feels better.

I was putting that second pill into a very small ziplock bag and that was OK, but it easily comes out of a rear pocket when I pull something else out (no zipped pockets in my jerseys/suits) and I only have a couple of them from random bike part or other packaging leftovers.

I tried putting this mini ziplock into my powder (sugar) container so I don’t lose it. That’s OK, but it gets covered in sugar, so handling it gets my fingers sugary mid ride.

I also don’t want to buy a pack of 100 mini ziplocks to solve this.

The container needs to be small and fully waterproof as it won’t be in a storage bag/box.

I just receive the small size of this waterproof capsule. It will only hold one caffeine pill, so it feels silly but it does everything I want it to:

The Hammer Nutrition holder was too big for me:

How do you carry your caffeine pills, electrolyte tablets, etc?

Do you rely on regular daily pill holders or earbud holders and not worry about the waterproofness?

Empty electrolyte tablets holder, cut to 1/3 length (or whatever length you need).


+1 - empty Nuun tube

On century rides, I put 3 ibuprofen, 2 acetaminophen, and a caffeine capsule as my “rescue” if needed.

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Just get some pill holders from your local drug store…small, cheap and easy to stash in a jersey pocket.


Despite the obvious and smarter choices above, my mind often swings towards a PEZ dispenser…

Edit to add, a reference to a related topic with my same silly idea from years ago:


this all seems so complicated - why not just wrap it in some tin foil and tape or rubber band that to your stem or frame. Then you just grab it, unwrap it and take it? If you have full finger gloves it might be tricky. I always just wrap my pills in foil but an empty tube could easily work too.

I carry salt pills in a tictac box


This is a brilliant idea, cheers.

I need it to be in a waterproof casing but I hadn’t thought about foil. Not a bad solution at all, thanks.

I had seen these and they reminded me of an earplug case I have. I hesitated and didn’t get them or use the earbud case because I wanted something waterproof.

They’d probably work for most rides, though, thanks.

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For a long marathon mtn bike race I made my own blister packs for salt tablets. One side is packing tape, the other is just plastic / saran wrap. Worked surprisingly well for quick access. Could just bite off each row of 2 every 30min or so.


I like that tic tac box idea. I’ve used one of these containers linked below for awhile and it works well. Easy to pop open one handed too.

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Dude - awesome tip

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Contact lens case can work for that if the pills are small enough (with 2 separate sealed compartments 1 left/1 right). I use the lens case to keep a couple extra dabs of chamois cream with me, too.

I always have endurolyte capsules on the bike, and keep them in one compartment of one of the 7-day pill holders that I just used tin snips and cut up into single compartments (though you could do however many compartments you want). I can fit 4 or 5 capsules in one little compartment. They aren’t sealed really, but they snap tight, and I haven’t had any issues with wet capsules in humid Florida (I don’t ride in the rain if I can avoid it).


DM Lance

Sorry just a joke. I didn’t even read the post just the title.

Hope you got a useful answer.


Kinder egg :grin:

I agree but I use the below instead (for caffeine pills). Much easier/quicker for race scenarios then messing with a screw top. The flip up tops are easy to access with glove and can’t be lost.


The tubes for Base Salt are great for this. about the size of a large chapstick, with a flip top. I’ve carried Tylenol in them during an Ironman. I think they sell replacement tubes separate from the salt itself (although the salt is a great product as well)

something similar:


I carry my sodium capsules in a tic tak container too! Works super well and can operate with one hand