Saddle bag or jersey pocket

Where do you keep your stuff? dyna plug, spare tube mini pump, co2, spare tube, levers or whatever. I favor as minimal as possible, but thorough enough that I don’t need to call for a pick up if double flats happen etc. And I prefer jersey pocket as it forces me check what I have before each ride, and also I found that the saddle bag and contents get so dirty from riding in the rain. Plus I like the clean look of nothing hanging from the saddle. Your thought?


KEG is my preferred method. Then saddle bag. Very much dislike everything jammed in pockets.


I’m not keen on the look of saddle bags so for a long time used the second bottle holder for a ‘cleaner’ look.

When I realised I was massively under fueling/drinking on longer rides I moved everything including mini pump, plugs, gels, tyre levers, Alan keys and phone into a pencil case that I put in my back pocket.


Osprey hydration pack with all the supplies I still have in there from Unbound.

I do leave the cone wrenches and 4th hand tool at home though.

Jersey pocket on road rides, camelbak chase vest on gravel and mtb rides.

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Didn’t like the look of big saddle bags, so went minimist with a very small bendo style one. Then everything in pockets… but… don’t really like everything in pockets either… so going back to bigger saddle bag that can hold more than a single CO2 cartridge… :slight_smile:

Two CO2, patches, a co2 head, a multi tool, two levers, and a spare tube in this. Always been fine by me. Anyone who is put off by this #aesthetic that badly probably isn’t someone I’m riding with anyway.

Ps don’t worry about the saddle angle. Swapping it off.


Yea, agree about the aesthetic point, when you’re riding that’s the last piece of equipment you’re looking at,

If functional sized saddle bags are good enough for the pros then I’m sure the majority of us can get over the look😜


Keg in one bottle cage on shorter rides. Saddle bag + pocket on fairly long rides (so I have two bottles) where there’s no free tap water on course.

I use this jersey pocket bag. Dirt cheap. Does the job. Can carry 2 tubes, Co2, levers, Tools.

I’m assuming you are talking about a road bike here. Don’t go off looks. What do you gain from looking 2 % better but being stranded somewhere?

I always have the essentials — save for the pump — in my saddle bag. This way, I always have everything I need on me and never forget anything. The only reason I keep the pump separately is because I have only 1 (and two bikes), and it is too big for my road bike’s saddle bag.

I save my back pockets for food, phone and extra pieces of clothing (when necessary).

I do have a faux bottle, but honestly, I always need two bottles to fuel and hydrate properly. So I never used it on the bike.


Currently, I take a spare tube, mini pump, patches, mini tools, additional valve extenders and tire levers, and put it all in a small plastic zip lock bag that goes neatly in the middle back pocket.

Don’t feel a thing of it during the rides and bike look remains clean.

Where does your food/gilet/jacket go? If I put my flat kit in one of my pockets I’d bonk before I ever needed it!


Middle back pocket also contains my keys.
Right pocket has my phone.
Left pocket remains empty or can have up to 5 slices of ginger bread containing 1000 kcal and 225g of carbs.

Together with the 2 bottles of water with up to 120g of sugar each that is plenty of energy for at least 4 hours.

I don’t bring any additional clothing.


You, sir, are a genius. I’ll be off, ordering some gingerbread now.


It’s a Dutch thing:


It’s definitely tongue in cheek for me lol. Honestly I just think I already look so objectively dorky I don’t think anyone is looking at my saddle bag and thinking that’s the bridge too far :rofl::sweat_smile:


I bought the Lezyne product below. It holds two CO2 cartridges, two tire levers, and a small compartment where you can have a patch kit. You can then quickly put everything in your middle jersey pocket.


If you swap the butyl tube with a Tubolito tube you will save a lot of space and some weight.


I wonder why storage space inside down-tube is not more widespread?

Specialized Diverge has it and I love it: contains all the road-side maintenance tools, plus emergency gel and gilet.