Got a Varia (yeah), But Now Saddle Bag Doesn’t Fit

I got a Varia radar tail light for added safety but now my Giant saddle bag doesn’t fit. It turns the radar on/off. I also think I should raise the radar higher on the seat post to ensure it clears the rear tire.

So, how / where do you carry spare tubes, CO2, tire levers, etc? I really don’t want to fill my jersey pockets with them so I’m looking for an on-bike solution. Thanks!


I do pocket stuff. A tube, co2, and inflator are small enough where I can still stick a clif bar in the same pocket even with my tightest jersey.

Maybe a smaller bag, or just carry less, or find smaller kit. I carry the Continental Race Light tube as a spare because it’s thinner than your standard issue LBS tube and folds up to literally HALF the size of your typical off the shelf one


You can put a bag on your top tube.

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Well get a less giant bag
-Ill see myself out :slight_smile:


These responses are why I frequent the forum. Lol.

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You can hook the holder around the frame just below the seatpost clamp. It works for me.


@JulianFishtown, I’ll give that a try!

Others, please keep the ideas / suggestions coming. Thanks!

Please don’t do this on a road bike…moderately acceptable on a gravel bike for long rides only.


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In the spirit of radical candor, that bag is a crime against humanity. Crease, crumple, cram the bare necessities into a smaller (and yes, cooler) bag or use your pockets.


There are no rules on what to do. You do what works for your own needs. Looks…who cares?


If you got some high-heel cycling shoes, you could raise up your seatpost.


I have the same problem when I was using the Cycliq lights/Cameras.

I started using roll bags. It’s not as convenient though.

And I also use this under the saddle.

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I used this on my gravel bike and MTB - until I got bikes with in-frame storage.


Can you loop something through that strap on the back of the back (with the Giant log).? If so, just affix a 1/4 turn mount to that. Would actually be a better position for a light anyway.

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I wear a camelbak. Boom! Side effect of sugar bottles and drip stains all over my frame.

I’ll just add that to the ultra aero helmets and visors. I’ll do that this weekend with the racing club drop ride.

Maybe you can clip your Varia directly to your saddlebag? Googling around, it looks like there a variety of ways to do this, ranging from bodge all the way through to 3d printed solutions via Shapeways. Just a thought.

I had the same problem so I switched to a much smaller saddle bag that does not need to wrap around seatpost.

LEZYNE Micro Caddy Bicycle Saddle Bag


Lezyne Road Caddy is another good (smaller) option.

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This isn’t a dis on your style for the large bag - ride what you want. How much do you need to carry on your usual rides? Unless you’re doing unsupported centuries, I don’t see how you could need that large a bag. My saddle bag is about half that size. I can stuff in 2 tubes, 2 CO2 + inflator head, multitool, patch kit, levers & tire boot. If I’m being particularly cautious, I’ll throw my minipump in a jersey pocket. I’ll ride solo with this for anything up to about 75 miles, more if in a group or if there’s bike shops close to my route.

I’ve been running a varia since the first one came out and will never go back. I’ll wear a giant pink fuzzy backpack before I give up the varia. Having that, plus a small mirror on my left bar end, has literally kept me from getting squished at least once (a last moment hop off the road as clueless pickup passed), and likely other times where I was able to take more subtle actions.


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This is what I did. With A standard 1/4 turn mount I was able to loop the supplied rubber band/o-ring around the strap on the bag and the tines on the mount. It flops a bit but I have not noticed it affecting the reliability of the varia.