Anybody make the move from SSB Mid II to SSB HV I? How was it?

Just looking at the TR posted TSS for each week in these two base programs. It’s a 30% to 35% jump which seems like a lot.

For those who have made that jump…how was it?

Did you mean SSB 2-mid vs SSB 1-high? Or comparing mid vs high of SSB 1?

2-mid vs 1-high.

I’ve completed both SSB-1 mid and high, and really liked both. Started SSB-1 HV in Dec 2017 after a back injury, got a 4% bump in ftp but more importantly I was really strong on a 2.5 hour outside climb at end of week 5. Wrapped up SSB-1 Mid a month ago, and saw a 6% bump. Both times I ended SSB-1 with an ftp of ~250, and I prefer mid volume because of flexibility and time commit.

The higher TSS load of SSB-1 HV wasn’t an issue for me, although I’ve got a diesel engine and like working on muscle endurance. Sweet spot work is a good fit for me.

Are thinking for finishing SSB-2 mid and then going back SSB-1 HV? Or just comparing? SSB-2 mid has VO2max and threshold work, its very different from the massive sweet spot work of SSB-1 HV.

I’ve been thinking of repeating SSB-2 several times, or repeating “SSB-2 and Build” to raise ftp as per the podcast.

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Not quite what you are asking but I jumped from SS Mid 2 to Sustained Power Build High earlier this year which looks like it had a similar jump in TSS.

I found it fine - I was running as well as doing SS Mid Vol 2 until I got an injury which I couldn’t run on but was OK riding so I rode every day for 8 weeks. I guess the disclaimer might be that I could have been replacing one type of stress with another rather than adding overall training stress but in terms of bike riding it was OK - looking back I hit all the workout targets over the plan anyway.

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