POC Propel aero glasses

Well…I guess they finally found a way to make their helmets look smaller. :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

I would be interested to see if their claims about diverting windflow around the ears help reduce wind noise. If they did, I’d actually consider these, despite their massive size.

As is the case with most cycling glasses, they look hideous, but as a contact lense wearer, I’m intrigued. It’s such a battle for me to find glasses that don’t let airflow around the lenses and dry out my eyes. Sutros are decent for me but still not quite perfect

We are now ready to ascend to our final form



Is there an option for windscreen wipers?

Naw, needed backup idea for a 2024 or 2025 model update. In case they sont come up with something else. ** :sweat_smile:**

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What bothers me is that they aren’t taking a systematic approach to this.

Like, what part of the “face aero” is due to the glasses?

I love their helmets, and exclusively use them, but seems very weird to start with glasses when your helmets are like large fishnets…

Felt like they just slapped “aero” on them to be trendy.

To convince me, give me aero data between different glasses that they tested with same helmet. Test with different helmets etc.

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