Reddiyo, new training app & service

The app isn’t available in the UK

Didn’t see anything stating or inferring it could work with smart trainers (i.e. ERG mode).

Sounds like it does that from what I got in the podcast.


Their website says it can control your smart trainer.


Looks like it could be a competitor to TR for new users, particularly due to adaptive training and seemingly nice UI. However, lots of product holes for those of us accustomed to TR’s feature set on a computer. Also, pricing is not attractive for any long term TR users.


Join cycling app looks better, we discussed it here:

Training plans come from a company that works with a pro tour team, and it uses machine learning.

$60/year for Join.

While TR is aesthetically pleasing, it is missing too many features for my training. Back in 2016-2017 I was unsure of my ‘self-coaching adaptive training’ decisions, and that led me to TR, but the self-coaching performance results exceeded those versus following the TR plans and investing a lot of time listening to the podcast. Ultimately it led me to finding a better approach to training :+1:


I think is where TR has been very clever with its locked-in pricing for those that have been here a long time, like me. I really only use TR for the UI and most of my sessions are custom sessions that I just like to run through the app, but for the cost of my annual subscription $89 its worth just staying year round and doesn’t encourage me to look elsewhere. If I was paying full whack I suspect I would have ditched it a while ago… There do appear to be some interesting competitors popping up now though!


I feel the same, I’ve used TR for about 10 years off and on, but after some terrible seasons TT’ing about 5 years ago, I ditched TR and tried SF and had some immediate improvements (I think mainly due to zone 2 out rides at the weekend) but keep coming back to TR because of FOMO, but the price is just to high to stay, and it guides me away from how I want my training to go, I can subscribe to Join, Sufferfest and TrainerDay for custom workouts (although there new plan builder is very interesting) for less

I really like Progression levels, but not a lot of AT, which is more Adaptive workout than training, unlike, breakaway, join, xert and reddiyo


So hard to assess in reality. You can’t A/B test unless you find a control group with people with similar physiology and lifestyle as yourself, in addition to very similar development (say 2-3 years history) in order to assume relatively similar adaptation to similar training loads. The control group would then depart unto different platforms and training approaches to then validate and compare results.

It’s possible that the phase where you abandoned TR for another approach developed you less than TR would have accomplished, relatively speaking.

As long as I’m making progress I’m quite happy. If I’ve plateaued I’m patient. My patience runs out after 6 months and that would probably spur me to try some differentl stimuli to TR.

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My power curve tells the story: Adaptive Training -- How long does a beta usually last? - #18 by bbarrera

Funny how the mind can prefer a simple number over the equally simple time-in-zone! If I’m targeting a 45 minute climb, I’d rather think of progressing to 50 minutes of continuous sweet spot versus progressing to a PL of roughly 5.0 (for example Leavitt -2). But I understand the simplicity and motivation of watching PLs increase on a simple 1 to 10 scale.

I’m not training for anything specific at the moment, so I like just pick something around 5.0 (for example), but think this is a very crude way of thinking about progression, and totally agree with you

I’m 52 and like do VO2 work regularly, I can do 3mins @ V02 and have a workout setup with 20 intervals, I’m never going to get to the end of it, but progression can be measured in how many intervals can be completed in one sitting, or like you say just simply measuring the amount of time I can spend in a certain zone

I do wonder if PL can lead to the gamification of training (with worse graphics) with attempting to improve a PL score rather than worrying about if it’s the training you need

From what I understand of the science and coaching, the majority of people only need to progress vo2 work out to about 20-24 minutes. Agree with you about PL gamification.

And when I get there I’ll let you know :slight_smile: only reason it has so many intervals is to set the expectation in my head that I’m not going to get to the end (of every workout), I feel that (for example) having a workout with 6 intervals in it, if you get to 5 it feels like a failure, if you get to 6 … you can’t go to 7 if you feel great, if I can’t hit my 120% (for example) I might down it to 110 and do 8, I think progression is more multi directional than, was this workout harder than the last one

Your situation is similar, if not identical, to mine. I’ve been a user for 4 1/2 years. I follow Tim Cusick’s training methodologies and use WorkoutCreator to either create my own workouts or modify existing ones from the library. At this point, I have a large inventory of workouts that I have named for easy search. While I have looked for other platforms, at grandfathered pricing, it remains worth it to remain on TR.


Another one in the same boat. For me, the only thing I would really like is a “modern” workout creator that would allow me to create workouts that automatically switch between erg mode and resistance mode. And when the switch happens, allow me to set the resistance level. I think this would be the perfect mix:

  • For warm-up, cool-down, and recoveries sections, I would use Erg mode to control these precisely
  • For intervals, I could have TR switch over to Resistance mode at the specified level so I would be set to manually ride the interval

My other “want” would be “negative” time for text. That is: I would like to be able to create a text pop-up that is -XX seconds before the start of an interval.

Lastly, having interval snippets sync across devices would be nice. Plus a better way to curate / edit the snippets.

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I met Nate at Early Birds crit training and racing in Jan 2019 and he told me that a new gen of WC would be out in the summer or fall of 2019. I have been a broken record with TR customer service on this, including providing to them my own set of requirements. I have been put off numerous times (details too much to explain here). The conclusions I have drawn from their feedback and TR’s new offerings over the past couple of years is that self-coached athletes is not a target market for the company and based on their most recent adaptive training offering, not in the plan.


Yes - there has been talk from the TR side about a “modern”, web-based WC over the last several years, but not movement that I’ve seen. Too bad, at least from how I use TR primarily


I think I fell into this trap in 2021. I was more worried about watching all the red bars progress equally through PL than focus on what I needed to improve for the specifics of my region, my riding, and my enjoyment.

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