Unable to launch app

opened app yesterday and there was an update (like every time i open the app)
now it doesn’t work. I’ve reset computer several times and uninstalled/reinstalled app (once yesterday and again today, file version 2022.39.152.0)


any help would be appreciated

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Contact TR support

Looking into this now, Grant.

Okay Grant, thanks for waiting while we looked into this.

It looks like you’re running into this on a Windows 7 device. While we don’t officially support Windows 7 on the newest version of the desktop app (released in 2019), something about this update is preventing use on that unsupported platform.
This error may be a result of us having to update an underlying program for the app to run properly on new OS versions, so we’re checking with the development team to be sure, and also to see if there’s a fix for Windows 7 users.

Support will reach out to you because we need some extra info, please be on the lookout for an email from the them!

In the meantime, do you have a mobile device to use TrainerRoad on to get today’s workout done?
If not, we can get you set up on our legacy app. You’ll want to use the mobile Legacy version if possible, so you can use the latest features. Download the TR Legacy app [here].


@IvyAudrain i am able to use my mobile device to use TR. Thanks for the update

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Same problem here. I have an old beater of a laptop that I can sweat all over and spill water on and not feel bad about it. Not a huge deal if this isn’t supported anymore, I get it. Happy to provide any info I can to help. Thanks.

The development team has come up with a solution for your unsupported Windows 7 devices :tada: .

If you can, you should update your OS, but if you can’t, this will allow you to continue using TrainerRoad on those unsupported Windows 7 devices.

If you are a current TrainerRoad athlete using a Windows 7 device, you should receive an email with a version of TrainerRoad that is “version locked” on the version that worked for you prior to the recent update. I will also share it here:

Note: Once the download is complete, locate the new file in your Downloads folder, and double-click the file. Re-launch the TrainerRoad app to use this version.If the “broken” version of TR is currently open when you launch the installer, you’ll be notified to close it. Click “OK” to proceed, then re-launch the TR app.As some background for what occurred, we stopped official support for Windows 7 on the new version of our desktop app (released in 2019). We found some Windows 7 athletes were able to continue using the new version despite us no longer officially supporting it. The latest version included updates that are needed for newer operating systems and device support.If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to shoot them this way!

Amazing! It’s alive :slight_smile: This team is awesome. I will work to get this old thing upgraded or replaced, I know I am the problem. Thanks!

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Superb, I use old laptop solely for TR. Never got an email though. Anyway will use download link above. Does this mean Window 7 users won’t receive any future updates/new features?

Yaaay! Fabulous.

Thank you! We appreciate that. I have to admit, our developers are wizards :magic_wand: :nerd_face:

Yes, that link should work! Please let me know if you have any questions about that.

Yep, exactly. We locked the above version of the app so that you can continue using the app, without having to purchase a new device. Future releases won’t be compatible with those older Windows devices (Windows 7 and older).

If you want the latest features, you’ll need to be on a device that is officially supported by TrainerRoad. You can find those here: Minimum System Requirements.

But in the meantime, you can keep using TrainerRoad by using the link above, thanks to our developers! :smiley:


The app would not work, or reinstall on win 11 with the latest updates in place.

Have mailed support.

Posting here because the error message was similar/ same