Any Leadboaters out there?

Well, I have unexpectedly fallen into being registered for both Leadville 100 and SBT GRVL. Back to make 8+ hour days… going to be interesting! Has anyone completed Leadboat? Anybody racing it this year?

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Bunch of us from the north Chciago burbs are doing SBT and one of my good riding buddies was already in for Leadville, so he is doing Leadboat.

He has eyes on the 9 hour buckle, so I’m pretty sure Steamboat is pretty much gonna be a “just get it done” event for him.

Good luck…those are two brutal days, back-to-back!

Rode with a guy during Steamboat last year doing both on a single speed. He said eat as much as you can, start slow and slow down. Just keep moving forward. His goal, no time, just finish.

Thanks! I’m taking a similar approach. Got my goal time at Leadville and just finish steamboat!
Good luck at SBT!

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Single speed would make for two long days!

My coach did Unbound and Leadboat last year on seriously time crunched training. Think he did sub 9 on Leadville.

Just listened to his podcast and a lot of useful info:

He apologizes for the click bait title at the beginning :joy:

So you’re saying I don’t need to train!? I listened to the podcast. He hits the preparation and details for Leadville spot on. Thanks for the recommendation.

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