2022 Leadville & 2022 Steamboat Gravel (SBT) Pro Results

Keegan Swenson & Hannah Otto Won Leadville on 8/13 and Keegan won Steamboat on 8/14

And he uses Trainer Road, but I don’t think TR is the ONLY thing that got him there.

HUGE Props on a historic achievement.

Edit: and as @Pbase pointed out Hannah Otto (Finchamp) winning Leadville 100 with an AC separation.

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Don’t think Keegan uses TR. Just a friend of the podcast crew. All his ride data is public on strava.


Amazing result! One day later!

That said, I’m not convinced he uses trainerroad. Maybe he uses some workouts, but obviously he uses a coach.


I had to dig it up, but I have seen him post TR workouts.

Last one was November last year. So not very frequently.

Not surprising tho, since TR is more focused on time crunched athletes, not full-time pros.

Edit: huge props tho on his Leadboat achievement! This just two weeks after taking the National XCO title.

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Whole 'nother level :exploding_head: I hope we get to hear more about his weekend.

They blew passed me down Cow Creek. There they were and then there was dust and … Gone. That kind of speed and control at that speed is just :exploding_head::exploding_head:


And just so it doesn’t get lost, friend of the podcast (and super motivational human) Hannah Otto (Finchamp) won the women’s Leadville.


With a separated shoulder no less. Those hurt. I’ve separated both. Riding is possible but not the best activity for it.


I’m sure there’s more, but his season so far:

1st at Sea Otter Classic
2nd at Unbound
1st at Crusher
1st at US XC Champs
8th at US ST XC… with a flat tire
1st at Leadville
1st at SBT

Just an unbelievable season and there’s more to come.


He is coached by Jim Miller. “Endurance plus” for the win(s)!


I’d be curious to know how many of the hosts use TR as their primary training tool at the moment.

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I wonder what kind of anti doping controls are in these races? Those are two pretty huge back to back efforts. Even the top GC guys in the TDF dont win back to back huge stages like that. I’m sure I will get flak for even bringing this up but the question needs to be asked.


To be fair, the quality of field is some magnitudes lower than the TdF lol.


I kinda doubt that someone who is doing is going to out all their training data online to be scrutinized.

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He’s extremely transparent about his training. It’d be interesting to see if he continues to be if he gets another crack at the World Cup scene. (I hope he stays as he is, seems like a chill character).

On a unrelated tangent, I wonder whether he will get contract offers following this year, and whether the domestic scene is lucrative enough to facilitate picking that over the alternatives. I’d love to see him do the XCM series in Europe, though I have no idea what they pay like.

from my limited understanding of what USADA looks it is data that is inconsistent, or huge gains of power which aren’t typically possible. I am sure they are going over data of winners of these high profile races and if they find anomalies they take further action.

I always thought Nate was particularly true to the TR plans. Which race/build up are you meaning?

Sorry, why is this historic? It’s the 3rd year Leadboat has even existed. It’s great. But it’s far far from historic. Words matter…

It looks there was some drama at Steamboat with Keegan and Stetina…

Anything else you’d like to share? :joy:

Keegan and Sofia have shown before on the podcasts that they are super careful about cooking everything they eat from scratch to avoid any chances of contamination - seems crass to suggest he’s doping.

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