140+ Mile Gravel Grinder at elevation, training?

Doing SBT GRVL in August. I’m halfway through Sweet Spot Base now (with great results), and am planning on Sustained Power build. For speciality should I be looking at the century road plan or the cross-country marathon? I suspect century is the way to go but this ride will also have some climbing and its almost all on gravel of varying quality.

Is there anything (apart from raising FTP) that I can do to prepare myself for the elevation? I live at 2k feet, and have never been at altitude in my life. I have no clue how I’ll respond.

Same as Dirty Kansa 100/200 prep,

Then consider adjustment of power expectations along the lines of the Leadville Trail 100 prep.

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Sound like solid plans @diamondjb724. I’m doing this race as well and am doing sustained now, but will transition to rolling road race and then general build followed by rolling again. This falls right after my second ‘A’ race, so we’ll see how she goes. But, I also live near Steamboat and the roads are pretty nice. Should be a great day on the bike.

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I’m doing SBT GRVL the week after Leadville. It’ll be a nice day out on the bike for me, not a race :grin:

The altitude in Steamboat isn’t as extreme as, say, Breck or Leadville, so adjusting won’t be as hard. Steamboat is at 6700 ft, so if you arrive a few days early, you can still get pretty good sleep, while also helping to acclimatize (one of the downsides of going to Leadville to acclimatize for the LT100 is the altitude at 10k feet can mean your sleep suffers).

As above, adjusting your FTP for altitude and pacing are important. You could also Take some iron supplements in the few weeks before the race to give your body the best chance to create red blood cells.


Never would have thought of iron supplements! Great idea, thanks!